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past midnight

Past midnight and I was trying to keep my eyes stay on this one journal since we’ve to do the SWE test tomorrow. I don’t know how enough is enough, but I couldn’t concentrate anymore. Thinking of how long since I last wrote, so here it is. Well, it will be my first time running the treatment, a little nervous frankly. I know Mr Chan will ask me like a hill of questions and I probably know how I’ll react. Like blur all the time, as always.

These past two days, glad that Mr Chan was busy running his PhD thingy, so I can do my work calmly without his smart-question. It is amazing how I’m progressing here. Last two weeks, I am here without any single information about what’s this all about. Day after day, I’ve learned a lot of new things and did some lab works that I’d never known before. Meeting new peoples and friends (well, not much friend when you stepped into postgrad!) was just a different kind of vibes. I mean, I met and heard about great peoples, and yes I feel like a small fish in a big, wide pool.

Today, I met Prof, asking her to sign on several forms, and had a quick talk with her. I wonder why peoples hate her. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories regarding her, but talking with her inspiring me. I don’t know if I’m just a newbie in this circumstance, maybe the true colour of her didn’t come out yet – that was all they said – but so far, I’m proud of her works. She’s even motivated me on my master project. She assured me that I’ll be fine being here, that I should not be worry.

Maybe this thing goes like this. Successful/well-known people will always be the target. Everything that they did and said – all were watched and interpreted – and manipulated by the audiences. Selalunya, orang yang dikata, dikutuk atau dihina akan lebih berjaya daripada orang yang mengata, mengutuk dan menghina. Probably because orang yang mengata tu busy mengata, while orang yang dikata itu busy growing up, tepis everything and succeed. That’s how world works after all isn’t?

Oh, and Prof said something to me. She asked me to choose between two projects as my Master. I thought we were already locked the project in? So, I am in dilemma now. This is gonna be tough decision. Really tough one. I don’t know what to choose. Allah, please help me!

Really sleepy right now. Enough with the reading, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I hope I will survive through out the day. Through out the test.

Good night.


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