Personal, Review

Do the best with what you have.

It is really hard of not having my own vehicle here. Tough, very tough. Everywhere I wanna go, I have to attach with Sakinah and consider everything about her. Sometimes, I feel bad for it but I just have to ask for her help, because if I don’t, I wouldn’t be able of going anywhere.

I’m thinking about having my own car, applying for a loan, buying a cheap-second- hand car, but after all it all comes to money. If I have several thousands in my bank account right on this moment, I will wait no more. I’ll buy at least a functional car so that I won’t have to feel such guilty feeling like what I’m feeling right now.

Arrived a little bit late this morning, I just realised I have to make everything up to register for my Master study that lasts only this week. I have to move fast. Sitting on my seat in the Student room, I glanced the “Saiful Nang – Kisah Orang Menang” book that I left last week. Continuing where I last read, today it’s about being hardworking. He said, hardworking people will find a way to make a living. They didn’t waste their time doing shit and always be super positive in what’s happening around them. They stand up whenever they fall, plan everything accordingly and just do whatever they think they can. It’s all about do their best with what they have.

Taking the advice, I walked about 20 minutes from my residence college to my lab a couple times when Sakinah wasn’t around. That, my friend – was the toughest decision I’ve ever made. haha! Well, at least I can break some sweats along the way.

Anyway, the book is worth reading. I love to read it slowly, digest the writings and reflect upon it. Such an inspiring book! You should own one though.

Till then, me going lunch!



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