late lunch

Having a late lunch alone at Fish & Co marked the highest loner level of me. But I’m easily satisfied with great food (hence my fat) so without any chum, I’ll be definitely survived.

It was my first experience at Fish & Co after quite some times of wishing to be there. Holding a tagline of “Seafood in a Pan” I thought okay, let’s try this. Given my extreme hungriness (had not eat anything since breakfast until 4 pm) that I couldn’t bear any second of choosing where to eat, so there I was.

I considered this as a reward to myself. Finally, I have the bravery to drive to The Mines without any GPS or Waze. Kudos to myself! Because I had never drive here except in UPM territory. I just can’t believe that I made it!

So, I ate these alone (RIP my moneyy) :

*image source – Google and Fish & Co website

Finished like after 10 seconds. I’m so hungry like a pregnant monster.
Grilled Salmonidae babyy. Loveee it!

So, that was all for today’s adventures. I will definitely return again to try the other menus.


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