13 hours journey

Journey of 13 hours was finally ended. For the record, that was my longest bus ride ever along my 23 years of living. Yes, from Kedah to Kajang that usually took 6 hours, was being doubled due to the Eid and school holiday.

We reached Kajang around 3.30 in the morning, and took a taxi to my sister’s home. We were so tired and overslept until God-knows-when. Haha. Then, we continued our journey to UPM to ‘meet’ the beloved car by commuter, took another bus and bla bla bla we arrived UPM. Took the car, off to The Mines and finally to my college.

What a tiring day.

CKW asked me about the report and I had not finished it yet. Tomorrow onwards will be so busy for an Izni. I just need to do things seriously. Starting this week, I have to attend some classes too! I nearly forget about it. I must figure out the bus schedule. Hopefully I’m not gonna burden Sakinah anymore.

Recent news said that there’s flowing water on Mars. Does it means it has potential living organism on it? Surely it does if there’s water, right? Talking about this, I remembered one of my lecturers back then in my undergrad study, he said “Why bother what’s there on other planet? We’re not enough discover Earth”. I don’t know what were the other students felt, but I’m totally disagree with the lecturer. I don’t think we shouldn’t bother. For the sake of curiosity that exist in our helix, we need to bother and think about it. At least, that will remind us how Great Allah is.


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