Walking again

29 September 2015

Walked to the institute again. I think, I will keep walking for quite a long time. It feels good in that way. At least it made me realise that I still have a functional limbs, legs and energy. Alhamdulillah.

The day I started walking, I was surprised on how capable  I was. Pat on my back.

Walking – in a positive side, is a potential time for me to think about whatever comes across to my mind. Some times, I walk without thinking of anything. I will just walk and walk relentlessly. Just walking and me, that feels good.

Achievement unlocked for today. I took less time to reach there. Usually, it took 20 minutes for me to walk but today, I took only 15 minutes or less! I went to my room a little too early today as I was stressed out about some thing. I packed my stuff real quick and thumbprint-ed (not 5pm yet but who cares) then I was thinking to whatsapp Sakinah. But then, no I didn’t. I decided to just have a quick walk.

It was about 5 minutes of walking when my phone vibrated. AB whatsapp-ed me.

He asked me whether my sis’s car is still available. I said no and asked him why.

Then he asked me whether I’m going back with my friend or not? It was strange.

I afraid if he, by any chance saw me walking at the sidewalk. But it was impossible because he just yelled me a good bye from far when he saw me walking out from the student room.

Then I asked again why he asked? He just wanna make sure that I’m not walking ; that if I am – he can send me to my college.

I was about to break into tears but I hold it. If he were a girl, I would hug and thank him for being so concern. If he were a girl again, I would buy him a gift, take him to the cinema, and hanging out like my closest girlfriend. But thinking he is actually a man, there’s a fine line that we shouldn’t across. Am I right? Yeah.

Knowing that someone is still there for me in the middle of my stress situation is just..heart warming.

I think I should sleep now. Got headache out of nowhere, felt like some part of my brains is being pushed and hammered. What the hell is going on? May tomorrow brings a brighter and warmer sunshine. Please haze, go away. Have to come out earlier tomorrow since I’m walking! Life of Izni.


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