“Life is simple, take it easy”

Life has been so great these days, which I felt like I was trapped in this maze. I was numbed, couldn’t see which way should I take and; decision – yeah the hell part of these mess. Not surprisingly, after these 23 years of living, making decision – still -, is something that I couldn’t master. What a shame.

I never met someone very lost other than me. If there’s any, let me know, so we could be friend and talk about how we felt. Because nobody, nobody understands me and they comfort me like they knew exactly what I’ve gone through.

Cut me open, I’m just a living mess.

I think, I will just live with it. “Life is simple, take it easy” someone was once said to me. I was nearly being fooled by that.

Perhaps one day, when I can get through all these, I will finally being able to see the real simplicity of life. The time will come.


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