You can’t help who you fall in love with

So, it has been ages since I last posted here. Nearly forgot that actually I own a space where I can write and rant on. I think my extreme fear slowly to show up real; that I slowly forgetting how to write. Yea, the fact is, I am not a keen writer anymore – no matter how keen I am to turn out as one. You know why writer write?

Because they are afraid to express their real feelings, that they are not comfortable to be their true self around peoples they know. So, they are good in writing because they think it is the best way to hide – they best express themselves in words. They seek satisfaction through it. Yes, some writer does. And uhm, I think part of me fell into that category too.

I don’t know how to describe life nowadays. You know what? I fell in love with someone that I’m not supposed to. Wait, how do we control with who we will fall in love? Is love is something that we can control? No.

To fall in love, is something we could never control. It happens, just like that. When you realised it, it was too late. You just fell, deeper.

In love.

You can’t help it.




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