Past midnight

Past midnight and it’s raining.

Seldom sleep late at night, usually I scheduled my bed time at 11 pm and was consistent ever since (even earlier!).

Starting today, I think I will not be able to sleep as earlier as before. Well, maybe I still can, but most likely..I dont think so. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. Blame aging process. Yea, I think aging process hits me hard. Damn.

Today I’ve been sitting in front of my nearly-four-years-old-laptop all day long. I still can feel how my back pain when I tried to lie down. Finishing a paid-assignment and scrolling through jobstreet and other related webs.

I guess, tomorrow will be a huge day. I couldn’t do anything else except pray for the best and keep the positive thinking ahead. I pray to Allah The Almighty that this decision, is perhaps the best for me. After tomorrow, things won’t be the same anymore I believe.

If there’s a time to act as an adult and a mature being, this is the time. Tomorrow is the time.

Still raining. What a beautiful melody. But I need to sleep now, my rain. I will see the damp street you left and the fallen leaves you caused when the sun rise again tomorrow.



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