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“One day, you will get your dream job”

It was nearly midnight when I was re-tidying my resume. You know, I have been always seeking for a reliable answer for all those little questions that used to pop up in my mind. I’m seeking the best way to present myself in those freaking one-to-two pages; named resume or CV. Whether I should put up my photo (some said NEVER, some said MUST, so I was confused!) the best template and design, how and what to write etc. I’ve been thinking about one person who might answer that.

He is Ameirul Azraie. (Never heard bout him? No worries, Google will do) Go google now. 

One of the persons that I believe, he will has the answers that I needed. I was thinking, Ya Allah, it is good if I can meet him in person so that I can ask him whatever I want to know about job searching and resume.

And guess what?

Not more than 5 minutes, I saw a post on my Facebook timeline.

“Seminar of Job Hunting using Jobstreet and LinkedIn by Ameirul Azraie”. “Tomorrow”.“5 more peoples needed”. “Register now”.“Bangi” – oh great! I was at my sister’s house at Bangi.

I blinked my eyes as if it was a dream. After confirmed that it was real (haha!) I registered and pay for it online. For RM 3O only, I was happy like a small kid having an ice cream. Couldn’t be more grateful. Allah is indeed The Best Listener.

So, the next morning, I drove all the way to the stated venue and for the very first time, I met him face to face. God knows how, I met my Aquatic juniors too. They greeted and waved me “Kak Izni!” and I was like, “okay, great, who are them? Seemed familiar” haha and after using my skills of investigating, it was confirmed that they are my juniors. It was unexpected that among 10 participants included me, two of them are my juniors. I mean, what a small world.

Had a great time attending the 3 hours-course. He taught us the manners on how to make use of Jobstreet and LinkedIn to apply for a job position. My questions was answered, and returned home happy, rewarded myself with a bowl of ice cream.

From the seminar, I learned that it is not how competence you’re in a particular field or how much work experiences you got, but more importantly is – how your inaudible attitude speaks about you. The way you represent yourself, and how you ‘sell’ what you got in you, is what will make them impress.

For anybody who’s struggling to settle for a job, do not lose hope. You have to keep believing and try your very best. One day, you will be finally manage to get your dream job, build a good base for yourself and on top of everything, you’ll be fine.

For now, just don’t lose hope. Cheers.


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