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A course summary: Job Hunting using Jobstreet & LinkedIn

Following my experience attending Ameirul Azraie’s mini course, here is what I can conclude.


  1. Strength of weak ties

Weak ties simply means “ a friend of a friend” that possibly can help you to land the job you want. For example, you want to work at XX Company and you found A who is currently working at the same company. You can ask A for help, and at the same time you should try to email the HR of the company. If you manage to find B who works there as well, ask for his help too. Or even C, D and E – do not feel reluctant to ask for their help even they are not in your friend list. Usually, recruiter will pick someone who stands out, or with such proactive mean. It will look like “Oh, this person has been recommended by three peoples!”

  1. Know how to write!

This is the crucial part of all. Job hunter must be good at words. Whenever you want to email someone for a job application, do not leave the body content empty. Write up a good, brief notes on how you know about the vacancy, who are you, what is your speciality and convince them why you are suitable for the position. Do not attach your cover letter, make it as your email body. Bear in mind, recruiter will just spend about 5 minutes to decide based on your email notes. So, make a pitch there.

  1. LinkedIn

As a professional job hunter, try to create a good LinkedIn profile. Connect with the potential recruiter. If you have one now, try to click at the ‘Job’ alongside ‘Home’ and ‘Profile’. Besides searching for the job vacancy at ‘Job’ section, filling your particulars on your profile is equally vital. Once you want to apply this particular job, click at the Job Poster and connect with them. Better yet, drop them a personal message or email saying you are interested on the job ad. Attached another copy of your CV, make a pitch at the body content and good luck!

  1. Jobstreet

Well, I bet Jobstreet is now your best friend? Okay, the first thing you should do is to read the job description. Do not just hit the “Apply” button without having any idea on the job description. After you’ve read it, use it in Make-your-pitch section. Try to match your competency with what is needed in that position. Here comes KSA concept. Show off your Knowledge, Skills and Ability and how it will benefit the company. Make it short and strong.

Keep checking your application dashboard. If it is stated that your resume has been viewed, do not sit in silence. Do something. For a bold you, you might call the company or if it takes forever for you to hit the dial button, you can just email them – attach a copy of CV and convince them again. Mention that your resume has been viewed as stated at the web.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Don’t know where and what to start with? Keep calm, things will not getting better without practice. Try to write up some nice sentences, keep learning from the thousands website out there, keep improving your CV – make it not more that two pages – alter the unnecessary things and practice the manners of emailing.

I believe you can get through this!


Have faith. Do not lose hope and keep trying.

Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow
And when it’s time you’ll know




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