Great thing takes time. Stay on.

2016 for me, should be a defining year.

I will not miss out something that I did without my full concern and effort, I will not cling on to the past, I will let go what had hurt me in 2015. I will no longer scratch myself out by keep hoping on some shits that I used to before. I will have to learn accepting the fact that something might not turn out like I’m expecting – and no rebel – – just move on. I will not hang into someone that long gone with the thought, maybe, just maybe this time it works. I would have to stop myself from being too pathetic and make this 2016 as a year of self-pride, focusing into certain tangible things, not on my delusional fantasy. I will not waste any second without trying to improve myself out, from personality, health, experiences, languages, skills, and most importantly my soul and spiritual aspects. 2016 – Perhaps would not make my life topsy-turvy. Something has to be in a right order, and that is what I’m grappling with now.

I believe in TIME. Great thing takes time, it doesn’t just happen like bam! It needs preparation, patience, enthusiasm, focus and direction. Don’t know where it will take me, but I brace myself so that I’m prepared for what’s coming in my way.

While my death is imminent, preparing for the Grand Meeting is something that I ought to work on, too.

Happy 23rd birthday to me. A week late. Haha.

*love yourself because if you don’t, nobody will, Cheers.



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