last battle

Tomorrow would be my very first job interview in 2016. If there’s a time that I should stop attending interview – and land on a job, this is the exact time. I just hope this time I will nail it. I’m hoping this is my last job interview. Like seriously.

Frankly, it is quite tiring to be a hardcore job hunter. Part of you keep pushing you to the limit, while another part of you just want to have a long sleep, as if sleeping will hush away all those uncertainties in your life – unfortunately, it won’t. You will wake up from the long sleep, end up staring to the blank, white ceiling – trying to figure out how to live again for another day.

If I got any choices, I wouldn’t be so busy hunting for a job. Rather, I will marry someone decent, staying at home – taking care of our cute kiddos, cook for the family and running some personal businesses.

Dreams aside, I hope I can deliver the best for tomorrow’s interview. I must be the best among the best that I’ve ever been before. I wanna fight as if it is my last battle on earth. Perhaps after I get the job, I would meet that decent someone, and all my dreams would finally come true.

Please God, I really want this job.


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