Job Offer !!

I started to feel how beautiful it is when you are patience enough to wait for the right thing to occur at a right time.

When the thing you claimed as ‘the right one’ occurred at the wrong time – the fact is; it is not the right thing. Same goes when the not-so-right thing occurred at the right time – basically it’s a protection for you from the wrong thing at that moment. Maybe the thing that you’ve craved badly didn’t seem to happen at the very moment when you need it because God has another plan, which is far more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined.

By saying that, I am so grateful that finally, HE shows me the right path, perhaps what I claimed as the right thing at the right moment. The timing is just right, and I didn’t lament the what-so-ever plan that didn’t work out for me earlier. They must hold a vivid reason, and now I knew what was the reason is. It leads me to another door, which perhaps (definitely!) would suit me better.

Words aside, I got the job!

The position is way more promising than the job interviews I’ve ever had before, Alhamdulillah. Actually I have that confidence that this thing is gonna work, you know the feeling when you feel that you’ll nail it? I can say, it is all come down to the preparation before the job interview – but above all, it’s HIS perfect plan, indeed HE listened, and answered my prayers. I know HE will always do. Alhamdulillah.

In less than two weeks, I will be resided somewhere at Petaling Jaya. Hope that everything will be just fine for me. It’s gonna be a new life chapter and dear self, be ready. You are going to evolve, fit in and definitely you will grow in maturity.

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Already fell in love with the building and its environment the moment I stepped in. Secretly wished that it would be too good to be truth if I’m accepted to be working in this kind of circle. Little that I know, the truth now is too good that I can’t even stop smiling. lol


so true.


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