If you think you can, you can.


Talking to the moon

17022016 : 1800
Window side

We didn’t mean to be antisocial at the very first place,especially in the bus where people get used to talk and know each other better; well, I would say- maybe a few decades ago. Maybe we are tired of people now, maybe people are not fascinating anymore.

Or maybe we are the same..after a full working hours – of not having “me time”, you don’t wanna even talk to anybody. Everyone has their own struggle; I started to fathom this.

Talking to the moon

Window side

Life is mysterious. Don’t you think so?

As I flipping the pages of life, I started to ponder why things happen. For example, why I destined to fall in love with someone who I know I can’t settle with? The wall is too high, and I fell too deep. Like really, why do we fall for someone but we hardly settle for each other? Or it is not really a love at the very first place?

First call!

So today, I finally made my first call to the firms. My first call to the corporate world! Wow. That’s ridiculous. I mean, up to this stage, I feel my life is ridiculously unexpected. Haha. Looking back through times, never had I imagined I would do this kind of job. For now, everything is good. Communicating with people through phone is surprisingly easier than face-to-face. You can end the call when thing gets wrong (with etiquette) and you know which number to not to call again.

Not saying that this job is an easy peasy duty, no. I started to worry about the target KC set. My sore throat started again. Please immunity, fight for me. 


Good colleagues

Day Five

Five days of working here.

Despite of the sophisticated environment that I’ve always dreaming of, its traffic drives me crazy. These days, it took me about 3 hours to reach home after working hours which was usually took about 45 minutes. Not to blame anyone, it is a norm in this high-pace city. Just that, it pissed me off with the wasted and dragged time. Combining with my worsen sore throat; I feel like to punch everybody around me. This morning, the bus messed around. Other than coming very late, the driver was so annoying that I feel like to slap him hard. So, I didnt even say thanks or smile like I’ve always do before.

Glad that today is already Friday. Last day of working before CNY. In no time, KC will walk  into this cubicle and call for another meeting, where I need to vomit out the lesson learned since my day one. I just need to be prepared. Hopefully everything is gonna be okay and please Friday, do fly fast!

First day

If I watch what I’m eating, and drinking a plenty of water – I can lose 5kg per week because the journey to my working place is no joke. Journey back home..don’t even ask me.

First day at the office (can you believe I’m now an office-based worker? Haha)is quite challenging in term of understanding how things are done. KC handed me a pile of notes and I must remember them well. Very very well. Today, we had two training sessions and I felt like my mind was pushed into the edge of the limit. But I enjoyed it lah. I chose it so I won’t regret the process. Everything is a process plusss this is a brand new thing for me!

Personally, I think I’m improving. There was no more over-heart thumping when I need to speak in front of public. I became calmer and that means I can think a little bit deep before voicing out anything. That’s good improve Izni. Keep on growing 🙂

Above all, I love the Phileo’s sophisticated environment and the staffs are quite friendly. Just that, there’s no Malay male working there. Haha. Bye.


I have my own place! Haha