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First day

If I watch what I’m eating, and drinking a plenty of water – I can lose 5kg per week because the journey to my working place is no joke. Journey back home..don’t even ask me.

First day at the office (can you believe I’m now an office-based worker? Haha)is quite challenging in term of understanding how things are done. KC handed me a pile of notes and I must remember them well. Very very well. Today, we had two training sessions and I felt like my mind was pushed into the edge of the limit. But I enjoyed it lah. I chose it so I won’t regret the process. Everything is a process plusss this is a brand new thing for me!

Personally, I think I’m improving. There was no more over-heart thumping when I need to speak in front of public. I became calmer and that means I can think a little bit deep before voicing out anything. That’s good improve Izni. Keep on growing 🙂

Above all, I love the Phileo’s sophisticated environment and the staffs are quite friendly. Just that, there’s no Malay male working there. Haha. Bye.


I have my own place! Haha


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