Probation period

Okay. Admit it, has been ages since my last blog post.

Life is good for now (perhaps), work is fine, hopefully! I’m adjusting myself in (and trying to breath somewhere between it) when I didn’t write. I nearly forget the writer side of me, something that I once promised to do not forget no matter what. But I did unfortunately. Never mind.

A month of working at BCI Asia. Never had I imagined I will get involved in this field. Like seriously, construction field? Haha. Not in my wildest dream. But Allah is The Greatest planner, and I can see myself growing in this company. The fact that I’m happy doing this job and my colleagues are all mature,professional and kind, what else I want? Oh ya, I just wanna stay there a bit longer than ever. I wanna pass this probation period and secure myself up. I have a plan, and the plan will be activated after I secure a place in the company.

Please Ya Allah, I wanna pass this probation period.



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