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Promise me now

Promise me, you’ll be strong no matter what will happen. You’ll be strong because being weak is never an option. Promise me now, you will be so positive like you used to before. You’ll not lose faith, give up and grieve over this worldly things. Surely Allah will test His slaves and all you have to do is to behave well and win over the tests. 

Promise me, you’ll be so strong that nothing can break or tear you down. You’ll see clearly now ; who is who. Who loves you, who thinks you’re just a bypass meteor that once appeared on their sky line but then being forgotten by time. No worries, stay strong. People come and go ; so as pain. 

Promise me now before the sun sets on the bleeding horizon. Promise me you’ll be strong and keep smiling; regardless what is a about to happen. 

You are strong.


One thought on “Promise me now

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