Went to the nurse again, her name is Amalina as I can see from her name tag. She addressed me as ‘adik’ maybe from my immatured attire, I don’t mind though. She is the one who did my dressing for 3 days in a row. I’m grateful. Since I will have to work in short times, she gave me a package of basic daily dressing tools for me to do by my own. She recommended me to buy a bottle of Dermacyn at any pharmacy which I did. 

Today would be my last day of dressing in the clinic. Starting tomorrow, I will have to do all by myself. I am quite nervous about that. She said she can see some cells are growing; which is a good sign. Mom bought me a bucket of Sunkist as a great source of Vit C. I can feel the warmth of her love like never before. Mom’s love indeed is very comforting.

The gauze sticking on my raw flesh is stinging. I hope it will dry soon, InsyaAllah. Remembering the Indonesia’s trip next month..I hope I can make it. Or else, Denah and Fiqah would kill me. 

Happy working after a long holiday, Izni. Stay positive.


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