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Getting started

So, things just got real.

I signed up for CF gym membership. Finally, Alhamdulillah, all praises belong to Him.

I was really surprised when Ivon, the consultant told me there’s no need to pay advance 2 months fee like I read on the Internet. 

The monthly fee rate is just as expected, I was prepared for that so nothing shocked me. Suitable with its brand and the place it nestled around, I’m satisfied with everything. It has 3 packages, and I opted a very basic package with 12 months contract. Ivon brang me for a short tour, there are 2 studios where all sort of classes happen and open space where equipments like cross fit, treadmill (I come for you baby!), weights, and body scanner are located. Body scanner (I used my own terms since I forgot the specific brand or name) is amazing. It scans every level of your body like trunk, waist, hip and the usual measurements like % water, muscles and body fats – and it will print out the result automatically! How cool is that! Excuse my jakun but dats cool. So I got my very first result of my body content. Not a good sight, really.

I need to lost about 18 kilos more to achieve my ideal weight. Hahaha. 18 kilos. Just wow.

With the package, I will be given 4 sessions with a personal trainer, an access card for a locker and yes! a free bag and towel. 

I see it as an investment. I hope to become a healthier, clean and positive human being.

I can do it, like really, just watch me roar.

And the cute “This is water” bottle water that I bought after signing up the membership. Instantly in love!


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