Going back to the start

Getting back to work this morning, the struggle was so real that I need to depend on the caffeine to trigger my mood. My other sisters are still in Kedah, enjoying their holidays, how good is that! Oh yeah, Eid ul Adha Mubarak for all the Muslims. Mabrook for all my friends that are getting married or engaged. For the single ladies, let’s enjoy our time! I don’t mean those who’re married can’t enjoy their time, but you know..it’s different. The freedom you have during you’re single..you’ll miss it once you get married (as per my aunty, so don’t argue with me on that).

Since I worked here, I admitted my health is deteriorating. Not to kidding you but I stopped working out since I stepped into this company. How bad is that?! My skipping rope has been abandoned for too long! Although I’ve been dreaming of exercising after work, I ended up confused deciding the appropriate place to exercise. My crowded house? Oh please, it is a big no. Tried jogging around the neighborhood area but I don’t like the barking dogs whenever I passed by certain houses. Swimming in the swimming pool’s apartment? – ah, the Chinese fellas always conquer it plus I threw away my swimming suit last year.

So, I have come to a decision.

I’m eyeing on this particular gym. Expensive as hell, but after I read a hill of reviews; I’m confident it’s the best one.

Guess what, take my money. I will invest on this shit. I have to kick out those freaking toxins in my body. I have to start again the journey!

…that would mean, after this there will be a lot of rants about workout, nutrition, gym and well, before-and-after-thingy. haha.



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