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8 months

8 months of working here.

Almost one year of staying here in this bustling city. Almost 2 years since my uni’s graduation, and me, about 2 months plus before turning into 24, for real.

Felt like yesterday when Mom left me alone in the middle of Bunga Raya college for me to handle everything because she had to chase her next flight home. Since then, I know – life is about standing on your own feet. No matter what, struggle for yourself because nobody ain’t do that. You want something? Go get it. Work for it. Perhaps the mantra what makes me myself now. Fiercely independent, stubborn, ridiculously emotional and crazily impatience (excuse the exaggeration but hell yes it is me in a few good words) – and perhaps that is why I don’t really depend on people. I was taught by experience, being far from home, all you need is your beautiful-self.

8 months of working here in this company has taught me a lot of things. Went in with totally zero knowledge and some amount of insecurities, now I think I’m growing stronger , more mature(?) and better in a lot of aspects. I learnt how to turn on friendly mode, and how to fake and hide my thoughts and smiles. haha. I learnt that not everything you have to convey, the most vital thing is to – listen and observe. Some thoughts are best kept in your mind box – and say something that make you look smart and professional. So, basically, I’m not ‘that’ childish in the office. Out of office – my inner child shine, so bright.

That’s all. Gotta move. Happy 8-months-of-working for me!

I wanted to write a lot more stories and thoughts, but let’s see if I have the right mood for that.


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