until further notice.

Have you ever felt like you hate your very self? You hate your surroundings, hate the busses, hate any sound, hate the people on earth, hate people’s mind, hate your own hypocrisy, hate your office and everything in it, hate normality, hate your routine, hate everyone’s behaviour, hate your own behaviour, your own attitude, your image, your over thinking habit, your over eating habit, your every.details.of yourself – you just HATE it. Hate everything, literally. Like you wanna curse everything that crossed your path. 

I’m hating myself right now, so don’t talk to me because I’m not gonna like you when I don’t even like me. 

–until further notice. 

And you also. Don’t pretend like a cute one, I don’t like you too. Shut up.

Speak your mind here! :]

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