Sore throat and Fri-yay

Don’t know if my office’s temperature is the caused of sore throat I’m feeling right now. The aircond temperature in the office is terribly freezing cold, and to make it worse my desk is directly facing the aircond. 

5.30 and traffic is already getting crazy as it used to be on Friday. Damp roads due to a short rain few hours ago and the smell of car exhausts masking the lovely scent of the-after-rain-grass. My both sisters mentioned their weekend would be packed of activities, and me..would be left out again. Haha. I don’t really have a solid idea on how to spend my weekend. Maybe just sleep like I’ve never sleep for a year, I don’t know. Let’s see. Or watching the movies that Anis always bragged about, ah that’s a good idea. 

Hope my sore throat will find its way out. Otherwise I know what will follow. Flu and fever, I don’t want that. 

Happy weekend, lonely person on earth.


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