..and Coldplay will come to Singapore!!!

Just arrived my bustling nest after 4 days of holiday including my sick leave today. Had a good rest in Bangi, in my sister’s house which feel closer to real home for me. I will start my routine again tomorrow, hopefully that will avoid me from being overthinking as hell.

Personally, I prefer Bangi-life instead of PJ-life because Bangi is a humble, relax and serene place. You hardly stuck in the massive jam even at 7pm or as rare as it sounds, – at 3 or 4 pm – which is normal to PJ. Bangi, I don’t know, it holds some values I can’t explain. Maybe partly because my dear sister is now residing there, i don’t know, but I love Bangi. I love my sister too lol.

I’m hoping my eye will be recovered as soon as possible. Last meeting, Chris brought up about Interior Designer visit. I just mentioned a firm that I used to liaise with, in fact I haven’t set any appointment with them yet. I don’t think I can meet anyone with this swollen eye. My self esteem is not at a good level now. So, I will not bother visiting them until my eye has recovered.

Coldplay will come to Singapore!!!!  I can barely contain myself! I MUST go, I’ve been dreaming about losing myself in the crowds, with all those lovely songs of Coldplay.

I MUST GO. I don’t care, I wanna go.


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