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being irrational, or whatsoever

I am human who doesn’t like other human.

In case you’re watching me so blend in with someone, it is either I really like the person or I’m just put a great act on it-for several reasons. I am mean, plain and self-centered, now you know.

I don’t like small talk, I adore a big, deep talk which gives me meanings and thoughts. I couldn’t stand people who lie for other people’s comfort, as much as I hate people who need other people to make them happy. I mean, happiness comes from within, if you depend on others to let happiness happened on you,. I don’t know, who cares, it’s your life after all.

I, personally don’t like to let in so much people into my life. I am very selective on this because I like to keep distant from the sick world and society nowadays. Human is complex, dumb and hypocrite. So, in case I let you in into my world, you must be something else.

But I’m friendly, and easy going from outside with general society. But for constant engagement, I’m not the person. You see, human is hypocrite, I’m human too, just so you know.

I literally hate everything around me right now. It’s so real.



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