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Ultimate confusion

Dealing with an egoistic person, can make yourself drowning into a confusion. If they made mistakes, instead of saying ‘Yes, I made mistake, can you forgive me and give me one more chance?” they tend to say “It is a mistake, leave me for a while, I need my time”.

And, if you still wanna them in your life, you’ll find yourself clearing the air which supposed to be their responsibility. You’ll find yourself saying sorry yada yada yada just to bring back the good will because you know if you let it as it be, things will just remain the same for centuries. They would never try to lower down their pride and ego to make things right. So, even if you think it is not your fault (it really is) you’ll get confused why would you do all these like it was your fault. You lowered down your ego but they are still viewing you as the most terrible person in the world, and lost interest in you – which supposed to be vise versa. What an ultimate confusion.

If you don’t love them, and decided to throw them away after what had happened, you won’t bother to lower down your own ego and make things right. Instead, you’ll wait until they come to their sense and finally will say something warm which can make you accept them back (but you know it’s not going to happen).

So, my friend, that is how you found yourself trapped in a puzzle full of self-confusion when dealing with such personality. It is because you love them, you ignored your own pride; which sometimes kill you from inside, slowly. Even though you were so mad and need a sort of consolation, you consoled yourself and get your shit together- and say sorry to those who wronged you? Goodness, what a world. To make it more crazy, you don’t even mind doing all these. I guess, it is how powerful love can be.

or maybe it is just a plain stupidity that long-buried in yourself. Anyhow, when you delved into this below quote, maybe you are not that bad. Yea, you’re not that bad.

Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive.


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