It is always good when you met someone who clicked with you instantly. I met Salina, she is one of my roomates; just moved into my room early / mid December. She is well, 2 years older than me (I always befriend with older people -most times in my life) and we have a lot of topics to discuss about.

Salina, is no quiet-or-shy-shy girl if you wonder from her name. She is an outspoken and loud girl. Funny, we are both funny and love to talk about big and deep things like life, people and future.

Since I had been crazily busy all the time in December, I had to refuse when she asked me out. In fact, I rarely home given our home WiFi is not working. So I was always on the run to chase any place that has WiFi to do my work (and I was tired as hell from all those running activities 😛 )

Last night, she asked me to accompany her to buy some groceries and I ignored my plan to sleep early and said yes. Along the way, from the dinner table somewhere at PJ SS2, until we reached home around 11 pm, we talked like we have known each other for ages.

It has been quite some times since I had that kind of talk. Being able to do it, it feels alive again.


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