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The Dark Hours

I woke up from the cold night; outside was still dark as I glanced from the thin curtain that covered the casement window in my bed room. In all ability, I forced myself to get up, turned on the water heater and my chill body started to turn warm as the hot water running down my skin. It is probably my most favorite feeling in the world, having hot water doing its magic – something I will always appreciate with my eyes closed, and a silent smile. It feels right, whatever the reason is. My housemates were all in a deep sleep, but after I finished my warm bath, each of them seemed to wake up, preparing for morning prayer and eventually starting off their day.

I realized it is the last day of this month, meaning that I have to meet my monthly target by today – by hook or by crook. I went to bed with this thing in my mind last night, and woke up with the same thing lingered around – perhaps that was the reason why I woke up earlier than the normal days. I’m worry, in an insecure word. Usually while taking my morning bath, I stare into the mirror and talk to myself, eye to eye. I will say something like “Don’t ruin your day”, “You can do this”, “Whatever happens, just face it calmly”, “Everything will be fine”,  “There should be a way out from this problem” and “Go out and roar” sorta saying – at least it makes me a little more confident and had my mind set throughout the day (It works like magic, for me).

And with that..I started off my day today, confidently. Everything seemed so fine, so far.

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What and who I don’t like

1. Drinking coffee. (I enjoy the aromatic smell though).

2. Tofu

3. Runny eggs

4. Hot-tempered human being.

5. Low confident level

5. Negative minded people

6. Lack of sleep

7. Ironing clothes

8. Relentless routine

9. Hypocrite people (who likes them anyway?)

10. Liars

11. Lizard. Lizard. Lizard.

12. Cartoon.

13. When people make some damages to my books.

14. Bossy people and those who feel like they have all the power in the world (but they have not).

15. Feeling of lost (I always feel this during my early 20s).

16. Going to hospital / clinic in times of sick or healthy.

17. Taking medicine, especially the big tablets.

18. Sleeping with light on.

19. Routine & being sedentary

20. Carrot

21. Cat (yes, you heard it right).


PJ sky

The blue PJ sky started to turn black. Thunderstorm and lightning  started to showcase their fiesta. Time shown on my cracked Samsung Note 2 screen is exactly at 5.02 pm. I’m pretty sure by now all the office workers here at Phileo are rushing back since we know what it will lead to if rain starts to pour. Heavy traffic jammed, heavier than the rain. I had experienced it when one day I drove to work. It took me about 1 hour plus to reach home compared to normal day which only take about 10 minutes! Since then, I’ll think twice before deciding to drive. 

And I’m still here, don’t care about the harsh weather. I will walk with my broken umbrella and enjoy the city peak hours.

That’s all I wanna write. Just feel like writing.

*PJ – Petaling Jaya


BB Cream Sendayu Tinggi

I am thinking about doing some review (not sure if it’s eligible to call as review) about my current favorite foundation brand!

I was a loyal user of Maybelline since..I can’t remember since when, but I had been with Maybelline for quite some years. I was in love with its BB Stick and the compact powder (ClearGlow All in One)- and yes, its all-able concealer also included. However, I had to bid goodbye to the stick since it is no longer suitable for my facial skin. I experienced a mild dry skin (blame my office temperature) and it went cakey when I applied the BB. I felt terrible and my self-esteem was being dragged down. Since then I knew I had to change to a better foundation that suits my evolved facial skin. Hence, Sendayu Tinggi!

Been doing some research about the best, affordable brand in Malaysia when I stumbled upon Sendayu Tinggi . Talking about Sendayu Tinggi, one and only thing that I know is their Doll Skin propaganda. Now, I know they have a full set of everything. Mascara, eye liner, brush, soap, you name it – they have it all.

And I didn’t go for all, hehe of course. After some research & testimony, I decided to try its Doll Skin BB Cream, which suits perfectly with my skin! I’m in love instantly! Content-wise, its paraben free, and what I like most is that it also acts as sunscreen – SPF 30. The texture is not that liquidy, and the best thing is, it won’t ‘melt’ when you’re sweating. It’s just nice and modest. I’m loving it so far.


Not my hand. Photo from Google. I think I’m using the middle shade (Code 2)

I tried its compact powder as well, goes perfectly with the BB Cream.


p.s- Been eyeing on MAC lipstick nude shade – Kinda Sexy code, price around RM68. Hmm.



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Whole wheat fusili

It just came to my mind to buy this whole wheat pasta (this week is fusili) and make it as a star for my lunch box. What’s the difference between the normal (white) & whole wheat pasta? Well, the whole scientific explanation you can always google that but in short, it lies on their processing method which make them hold different nutritional benefits. It’s just the same concept with the white & brown rice. While some people complaining the flavorless of the whole wheat foods, strangely I found them quite unique and acceptable on my taste bud ; not too say very delicious, it would sound hypocrite but yes, I can eat them for a long term period.

So, until I get bored – this is it – Garlic Fusili with potatoes & broccoli. I swear this is a damn easy recipe. You just need:

  1. Garlic (2-3 cloves)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Salt & black paper
  4. Anything you wanna add (chicken, veggies, prawn, egg, just to name a few)

It is a low calorie meal & the taste is sooo good. You gotta try it!


Friday Blues

I think I’m not the only one who is having Friday Blues today especially when yesterday was holiday and tomorrow is Saturday! If and only if I have a plenty of unused leaves, I wouldn’t be here today, I’ll be enjoying my whole day on my lovely bed and read books instead (while overthinking in between lols).

February, I started to enforce my resolution – bring my own lunchbox as frequent as possible – and I kinda get used to it. It is fun, healthy and simple. By bringing my own food, I am aware of every bit of ingredient / nutrition that goes down into my body system. I am also increasing my water intake, from the inconsistent 2 – 3 L, to the slightly stable 4 – 5 L per day ; which consists of at least 2 L of detox tea. I’m happy to see the results so far. My skin is becoming clearer, no more indigestion, and my body feels lighter. I’m not sure about the pounds since I am quite afraid to put myself on the scale, don’t wanna sound cocky, but yeah I think I’ve been shedding some pounds 😛

A lot of thoughts running in my mind these days. Growing up is not easy. You need to figure out things in your life and put a solid decision on it. At some points, it feels plain stupid for not being able to do what should have done – and for not being able to take control of whatever shits I’m feeling. Life is like that Izni, you are allured by things which is not yours.

Enough of the rant, I started to miss my bed already and it’s just 10.11 am. Damn.




Ok, so yeah, my riceless-kimbap attempt failed (let’s say haven’t succeed yet).

The end result is..I just threw all the ingredients (cooked of course!) into my lunch box and grabbed my garlic chilli sauce. Lol.

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The failed kimbap

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They said January is like a free trial month, and so yeah the free trial month is now over and here comes the real one – the Fabulous February!

So, how was your January?

I’ve become clearer of what I wanna achieve this year when Feb comes.

  1. As lame as it sounds, yeah hopefully can shed some pounds. Positive & healthy lifestyle, less junk food, invest more on real food.
  2. Spend more time on books than media socials. Can’t tolerate on this, 2017 is a definite reading year for me.
  3. Appreciate parents more.
  4. Write & publish.
  5. SAVING (Okay, this is the hardest).
  6. Always be grateful.