Friday Blues

I think I’m not the only one who is having Friday Blues today especially when yesterday was holiday and tomorrow is Saturday! If and only if I have a plenty of unused leaves, I wouldn’t be here today, I’ll be enjoying my whole day on my lovely bed and read books instead (while overthinking in between lols).

February, I started to enforce my resolution – bring my own lunchbox as frequent as possible – and I kinda get used to it. It is fun, healthy and simple. By bringing my own food, I am aware of every bit of ingredient / nutrition that goes down into my body system. I am also increasing my water intake, from the inconsistent 2 – 3 L, to the slightly stable 4 – 5 L per day ; which consists of at least 2 L of detox tea. I’m happy to see the results so far. My skin is becoming clearer, no more indigestion, and my body feels lighter. I’m not sure about the pounds since I am quite afraid to put myself on the scale, don’t wanna sound cocky, but yeah I think I’ve been shedding some pounds 😛

A lot of thoughts running in my mind these days. Growing up is not easy. You need to figure out things in your life and put a solid decision on it. At some points, it feels plain stupid for not being able to do what should have done – and for not being able to take control of whatever shits I’m feeling. Life is like that Izni, you are allured by things which is not yours.

Enough of the rant, I started to miss my bed already and it’s just 10.11 am. Damn.




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