What and who I don’t like

1. Drinking coffee. (I enjoy the aromatic smell though).

2. Tofu

3. Runny eggs

4. Hot-tempered human being.

5. Low confident level

5. Negative minded people

6. Lack of sleep

7. Ironing clothes

8. Relentless routine

9. Hypocrite people (who likes them anyway?)

10. Liars

11. Lizard. Lizard. Lizard.

12. Cartoon.

13. When people make some damages to my books.

14. Bossy people and those who feel like they have all the power in the world (but they have not).

15. Feeling of lost (I always feel this during my early 20s).

16. Going to hospital / clinic in times of sick or healthy.

17. Taking medicine, especially the big tablets.

18. Sleeping with light on.

19. Routine & being sedentary

20. Carrot

21. Cat (yes, you heard it right).


3 thoughts on “What and who I don’t like

  1. You shouldn’t let your loved one feel bad. Include her in whatsoever situation, I believe she will be happy thinking someone truly care for her. Otherwise she will doubt it. Just saying. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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