The Dark Hours

I woke up from the cold night; outside was still dark as I glanced from the thin curtain that covered the casement window in my bed room. In all ability, I forced myself to get up, turned on the water heater and my chill body started to turn warm as the hot water running down my skin. It is probably my most favorite feeling in the world, having hot water doing its magic – something I will always appreciate with my eyes closed, and a silent smile. It feels right, whatever the reason is. My housemates were all in a deep sleep, but after I finished my warm bath, each of them seemed to wake up, preparing for morning prayer and eventually starting off their day.

I realized it is the last day of this month, meaning that I have to meet my monthly target by today – by hook or by crook. I went to bed with this thing in my mind last night, and woke up with the same thing lingered around – perhaps that was the reason why I woke up earlier than the normal days. I’m worry, in an insecure word. Usually while taking my morning bath, I stare into the mirror and talk to myself, eye to eye. I will say something like “Don’t ruin your day”, “You can do this”, “Whatever happens, just face it calmly”, “Everything will be fine”,  “There should be a way out from this problem” and “Go out and roar” sorta saying – at least it makes me a little more confident and had my mind set throughout the day (It works like magic, for me).

And with that..I started off my day today, confidently. Everything seemed so fine, so far.


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