The Good Old Days 

8 years ago, I was one of the SPM candidates who wasn’t too nervous about my SPM result. I sat the exam at my second secondary school, a school where I, literally, started to learn on how to control myself from making whatever sauces I’m eating from spilling out on my school uniform. Lol, well that was pretty much sum up my sophomore age. 

I didn’t care much about anything in the world except –

1. Study really hard to be on top of my class, which uhm I actually did. School. Tuition. Revision. Read. EAT. Sleep. Repeat.

2. Begging my mom to buy my favourite Science magazine every week.

Wasn’t quite nervous on the day when the result was announced. I was all prepared to accept what’s coming my way since I knew I did my very best in everything. My parents are not “You better get a good result otherwise I’ll punish you” sorta parents. In fact, they are very cool when it comes to exam results. I remembered when I got the lowest mark ever in Arabic Language paper (I got 16/100, graded as..F? or maybe G I don’t know but it was really bad) – I thought they will be sad or look down on me but to my surprise they brought me to a good restaurant and treat me with a good meal as if I got the highest mark in every subject. 

I asked my mom why did she bring me to celebrate my failure. She answered, grade isn’t everything. She didn’t care how bad my grade was as long as I got the right attitude. Attitude and personality over grade, and always put the best effort in everything – the kind of thought are all rooted from her. I learned how to see things in a big picture not just grade on papers. 

Well, back to the result, out of 11 subjects, I got A for 8 of them. Satisfied and I applied for medic and got an offer at Egypt and an interview  in USM. Allah knows best, I wasn’t quite matured back then. I messed up the interview and decline the Egypt offer. (Grateful it happened since I just discovered that I chickened out when I see blood and wound!). 

That’s pretty much it. It’s just feel good remembering the good old days. 

Till then, my flight is calling. 


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