I arrived home at PJ in the midst of pitch black sky, before the dawn. Saw an Indian aunty walked carrying a bag, well, it’s a usual sight. Everybody seemed to catch on LRT, bus or whatnot to start off their day. Parked my car, unloaded my things after a few good days of respite..and was deadly shocked when the aunty appeared behind me out of nowhere. She ambushed me with some morning preach sounded like..

“Hey, next time when you wanna park at this hour, be sure to off your car light. You might flash into people’s house and they might get awake from sleep, plus it is too early”

Startled, I just replied ‘Oh I see”.

First, I was DEADLY shocked to be greeted suddenly at that hour.

Second, how do I drive without the light? How do I park? What if I bumped into the big van parked beside my car park space? I am sure it will cost higher than that to awake people from their deep sleep because of my innocent car light. Oh come on.

My metatarsus is still paining me. Hope it won’t get any worse because I need my sound feet to walk to my working place every single day.

Thinking about the morning preach given by the I selfish? Do I need to really turn off the car light for the sake of the neighbours’ beauty sleep?


3 thoughts on “Selfish?

  1. haha. i think you should reduce the intensity of your headlight if it is not auto. of course you could bump into something if it is dark. i think i will side with izni in this case for two reasons. 1. it is still dark 2. the other reason is difficult to express but i know she can read between lines

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    1. oh yes. how could I drive with the light off? and also..the headlight is the lowest, normal one. Anyway, it is so kind of her caring about the welfare of the neighborhood. In that issue, hands down. lol


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