Sunny Sunday

Sunny Sunday. I wanted to say how much today’s Sunday remind me of you.

Everything about you that I started to miss badly but who am I to claim so, plus it won’t make any difference anymore. Not this time I guess? You would never accept the flawed me again and I, obviously couldn’t take back my words even though I never meant so. The thought that we both hurt each other with words we didn’t supposed to say, stopped me from being so verbal that I used to be. Maybe it would be better left unfixed and just continue as it is. But what should I do in times like sunny Sunday like this that remind me of you? What should I do if I can’t help but missing you every day more and more?

Maybe that is it. Love is one thing, being together is another thing.

I always know that you are so okay even without me, but why it’s not easy for me? What it is about you that make me feel insane?

Crazy! You better shut up, mind.


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