It’s May already?

Yep, it is May already. Even though it is hard to believe how time flies, the fact is..we are in May now. 

Welcoming May with flu, I hope fever won’t come! Exactly 9 days before our company’s event and I should be recovered by then. If not, I can imagine how mess it would be. Just pray that I’ll get better soon. I have a lot of things to settle out, my hands are full. 

May, nothing much on my short term goal. Just wanna be focus, be better and stay simple. By being simple, I mean, is not to take too much petty things into concern. It is tiring as hell, and won’t yield any benefit. Having said that, I know sometimes I just can’t help my brain to stop thinking and noticing everything. It is like an endless battle and I don’t have any freaking idea how to stop from feeling bad after thinking of everything. So yeah, that’s my May (and onwards) resolution; to stop holding the heavy glass until my arm aches. I have to learn to put down the glass, or pour out the water inside the glass so that the glass would be lighter. 


Speak your mind here! :]

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