Against all odds, I’ll be writing again!

To date, I stopped writing after my first article was published (that was quite a long time ago) due to what they called as ‘writer’s block’ and mostly yeah I’d admit it, I was so lazy to write anymore. I didn’t have the mood nor idea to write about. Sudden Microsoft Word failure in my laptop is the great catalyst I have to say. If I have a few thousands in my bank right now, I know I would go to purchase a MacBook now I promise! But okay, lemme just bear this for some times. I will go get it some day.

So, recently I’ve been wanting to be a freelance writer, as well as wanna make a comeback as a writer. I mean, not a blog writer (I am forever am!) but as a writer who publishes and contributes something to the society. The mood of writing has finally touched my inner soul again, and I deadly hungry to write again. I know it would be quite a challenge to write something good after a long time of hibernating but I will learn on how to improve my writing, of course through a massive reading. I will start building a stronger portfolio and I understand great things will surely take time (I’m in a process of building my online portfolio on Clippings too shy to announce it. so I will shut up for the moment!).

Other than that, I am experiencing a huge urge to escape, and run from this daily numb routine. I know it sounds absurd but I’m eyeing on job opportunities Switzerland? (Thanks to its heavenly beauty, but the standard of living there is damn high!). But when it comes to ‘what kind of job’ I wish to secure, everything turns back to reality. Yes, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life. I just want to write, travel, read, eat & sleep.

So yeah, I’ll be writing again. That’s for certain. Expect my increasing post frequency, after all it’s my own personal blog so, I mean, who cares?



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