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BMW guy

It is bright and hot afternoon. As usual, I spend my weekend at Domino’s, sitting at the same place with my laptop and stuffs, doing some works. I guess some of the staffs must had recognized me, especially the tall and skinny lady staff- as she once shooed me away because it was near closing time. It is freezing cold inside here, like really, I mean it FREEZING cold, but it is much better than being roasted outside, under the dazzling sun. So, I can say Domino’s has been my perfect sanctuary for most weekends.

Cousin was transferred out from ICU, few days ago. Tracheostomy was performed, she is still in coma, her body doesn’t react to any stimulation as of now. The Doctor said it is possibly a stroke, but nothing has been confirmed yet other than bacteria invasion in her pity brain. By right, she should have regained her consciousness a few weeks ago, but maybe she needs more time to do so. Being transferred out from ICU, for me is considered good enough. We, the families don’t know what to expect for now, we are just praying for a miracle. We started to re-bounce from the sudden shock, and fully understand it is out of our (us, human) control. Life goes on, so yeah..

Last night, when I was driving out from PJ, J called me.

It’s not that he stopped calling me after a few trillions time I pushed him away, he instead absorbed everything I did and keep calling me harder. To say he is crazy is understatement, but seriously, I can’t help myself from being irritated. When my phone rang, I reached my phone on the seat next to me, and while I saw his name on the screen –  and looked up again to drive, then I realized I was too near with the car in front of me, and quickly pushed the brake pedal but it was too late! I bumped into the car, freaking BMW car! It happened too fast, and I just remembered cursing myself from being so careless! Due to the collision (Thanks God I wasn’t speeding, otherwise I don’t know where I belong to now), the BMW got some minor, I say minor because really, nothing much other than a static horizontal scratch. So we stopped in the middle of traffic jam, a Chinese guy came out.

Not angry, but I can see how dull his face was. Even though I didn’t know how my face looked alike at that time, because I had no idea how to react in times like that, I apologized for nth times, and relieved it was just some scratches. I remembered I didn’t check on how my car was (Iriz must felt left out, sorry baby I know we are strong), soon after that I noticed there are some scratches on my car as well, but it is perfectly fine. No dent, no nothing.

The BMW guy took my number, and asked how I planned to do about it. I swear it was just MINOR, very minor scratch. No severe dent or what, just very minor. I remembered I said “it is just a minor scratch sir, I don’t think it would cost a lot. I will not run, I will be responsible”. And you know what he replied?

This is BMW, not a Proton (he referred to my local car model)”. He said while laughed sarcastically.

Nahhh, I lost my appetite to write anymore when I remembered his arrogant answer. J, and the BMW guy, I hate all.

Just FML.



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