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Disappointed citizen

Bad day at work. 

I was tired with all the dramas brought by government staffs (disclaimer: not all, some). Sorry to say but almost all the staffs I liaised with had some attitude problems. Those who are kind, are too kind! Really appreciate them! But majorly, well, you know..

Too bad, recently I was tired handling life and today, I was like an errupted volcano. I made a call to this respective government office and spoke to the staffs there and they treated me like a terrorist (couldn’t be more accurate than this). I was treated like that since forever and I couldn’t take it any longer. So, I digged out from their website about the Head of the Department, Head of the Agency and I found an email specifically to lodge a complaint. So, I reported whatever I feel like, of course by using a very decent and formal Bahasa Melayu. I clicked send. Then another essay to the Head of the Department, sent. 

Within several minutes, the recipient of the email that I sent my complaints to, forwarded it to all the staffs in the department (yes including the staffs I spoke to before), Cc all the Heads, with a reply of “Pls take action” kinda email. 

They will hate the email, I believe. It was really a blunt email I know but can’t they be more reliable and make sense? Just what are they doing in the comfy & luxury office? Worst, government spend some millions to pay for their annual bonus, festival bonus, just to name a few – while their work productivity, mentalities and services are not even something to be proud of.

(Nope, private sector companies don’t even get any pennies from whatever bonuses. Dream on!).

Really, I’m not envy about all the bonuses they got but come on, be professional. Be open minded, big hearted, improve on working attitude and mentality, be hardworking, always take initiative, or at least, try to be a kind human. 

Whatever, I am just tired.


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