The perk

The perk of being single, away from family and home especially during Ramadhan is that you feel like you’re living at the edge of life. You missed sahur sometimes because you’re too lazy to wake up, no one has ever motivated you to wake up to eat, or sometimes you are just oversleep until the sahur time is over. Plenty reasons. 

Being someone who are not bother cooking complicated things, sometimes you break your fast with whatever you have in hand first and then start boiling your sweet potatoe which takes forever to soft and make cabbage soup to eat with oat, and 5 stars fried egg on top. Your style of eating is..weird and that’s okay. You are unique (and lonely).

You started working part time and most of the days, you feel like dying already when you are home. But you need to do another things too. Shower, laundry, cook, pray – and breath in between. 

You, sometimes are a mess. Do you know that?

(Towards a better and systematic life.)