Shattered piece  

Her love has never fade no matter how lack the communication is; or how far the distance between the two of you- she just decided to stop over-showing it at the moment because there are a lot of souls to be taken care of, not only hers. 

She was just trying to take care of her feeling diligently. Learning to love humbly and sincerely. Wondering if the love has died on the other end – but she keeps loving anyway, just because she doesn’t know how to unlove.

Being selfless, she lets others blooming and shining with the love, as she deemed herself as a strong being, hence she supposed to be okay with anything. Even if sometimes she is in shattered pieces, she will be eventually okay.

Not great, at least “okay”. 

At times, she would console her pretty self, and love herself even more stronger.


-Still loving you in light and in the dark, sincerely. 


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