True Worshipper

Past midnight, so this is the feeling of “when you feel so tired  but you can’t sleep” as in Fix You song lyric by my favorite band, Coldplay! I am so tired but I just can’t shut my eyes down. I can imagine how much concealer I would have to apply under my eyes tomorrow morning. But it’s okay, I am always a Friday person, because hey, the next day is Saturday! 

Ramadhan has slowly moving to the end. It feels like yesterday when we started fasting. In worshipping Allah, I feel the true worshipper is someone who offers salah without any intention. Don’t get me wrong, of course the intention of all our prayers and Qiyam are to be accepted by Him, what I’m trying to say is – the worldly thingy. True worshipper won’t only pray whenever there’s something that he/she wishes upon. They pray even when they have no desires towards anything, just because HE is Allah, and feel the need to worship him – to bend our weak knees in front of Him, The Almighty. It is just a fitrah need, a basic need in human is having religion, worshipping The One who controls everything. 

Indeed, when we are sincere in worshipping Him (sincerity means when you do something without hoping any return), and ask and beg Him to grant our worldly wishes, I believe He will make it easy for us. He will show us way. 

We are all sinners. We are all at fault. I pray Allah will forgive us as His forgiveness are greater than His anger. 

Serenity and the sweetness of being a true worshipper, hopefully we can taste it. 

In time like this, when my city outside are still vibrant and alive with endless businesses, I just wish that we won’t worship money and people more than we supposed to. World, hopefully we can swim across it without being drown by its graceful & rough wave.


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