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Eid remarks

So, eid for me literally has ended with this very last feast in our neighborhood just now. I am so done with eating, really. I believed I gained some kilos from these 6 days’ eating activities! No regret though, foods were superb, irresistible! (Now let’s think on how to shed the kilos, ugh).

I’ll have to head back to PJ tomorrow morning  to resume whatever things I’d left there. That means, work, work and work and breath in between. My overdue car roadtax and employee evaluation are waiting for me when I’m back. Need to work harder. I don’t know where it leads me to, but let’s just work harder. 

After a few years of not having an open house, we (mom, initially) planned to make it a little bigger this time, and we were busy and worn out like no one’s business, that we came to an agreement – if any one of us wanna get married, we will have it somewhere else like in a public hall or hotel or wherever, as long as not in our sweet home. 

Unavoidable question during eid – am I going to get married soon? Yeah, soon I answered. Whatever. 

Met a few close friends and families, such a good time to catch up with them . The rest, let’s pictures do the talking. No food pictures since well, you know I don’t snap pic when I’m hungry (and am always hungry lol). 

My favourite photo – Us three with our beloved moms. I love both of them dearly, always in my prayers. 

Ok. Cheeky me. Lets skip this picture. 

These 2 people who deadly wanna meet me after 2 years! We met and had some good laughs. 

So that’s all. Still lotsss of pic in my phone gallery and I’m so lazy to upload here. I had a blast and blessed to have beloved family around. Just that,..nevermind. Hope your eid as cheerful as mine. 


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