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It’s Monday

I walked briskly to work after a week plus sabbatical; with my favorite red headphone on, played ‘Sad Song’ by We The Kings. I could never get enough with the song to be honest, so I kinda nominated the song as my walk-to-work song, after Coldplay’s, of course. Gloomy weather and damp ground in the morning couldn’t set my ‘working’ mindset just yet. My mind keeps wandering around event by event. Needless to say, another part of me has already longing for the next weekend. Perfect morning like this has never meant to work ; silent, futile protest of mine roared from deep core of myself.

All of my 3 roommates had already moved out before Eid and last night, I came home to a new set of roommates. My dream to have at least a month of no-roommate-period obviously crushed down to pieces since I was told the area where I am living at is one of the hotspots around here. Once the vacant room / space are being advertised, people are hunting after it. So, yeah, 3 new roommates for me until further change. Privacy is still in my biggest wish list nonetheless, but let’s keep it for later, perhaps when I have enough bucks to afford the spiking, crazy price of single room / apartment around here.

This time, all of my roommates are Northern peeps! We speak our slang well, and it almost feels like home. So far, I believe they are all nice and have a decent attitude. Due to my seniority, I took the chance to brief on the room’s rule. Lol. Nothing much, it is all focusing on our light-off time since I’m very particular about this and luckily we shared the same genes on sleeping pattern. Once we achieved that mutual agreement, practically we are good to live together.

Working mood is still nowhere to be found especially when I came to office just to find out our main air cond isn’t functioning! It is warm in an unfavourable way. So, I just read my mails (300 in my personal’s) and few mails from clients which I don’t feel like replying in work’s ; and typing this for a good one hour. I missed several interesting topics in Quora, which I would like to catch up after posting this.

I’m trying to get back my green-tea-drinking-pattern after a week plus of drinking and eating SUGAR. In the meanwhile, let’s patiently wait for the upcoming weekend. Miss my bed already.