Food craving

Sorry hormone, i will have to blame you for this crazy food craving I am having these days. So keep quite and accept the blame 😅 

First of all, I am craving for home-cooked food. By that it means, I am missing what dad used to cook for us. Mom cooks too but its dad who cooked the most  (because he loves to cook!). Dad’s dishes like sambal kosong, udang goreng kunyit, and of course my lifetime favourite- asam pedas ikan with / without sweet potatoes. Back then during my golden childhood / teen years dad always grilled us meat & fishes which came with his powerful ayaq asam (sour, spicy dipping) and we would eat like the world was ours! On lucky days, dad came home with a lot of good crabs or cockles and he would cook dinner or lunch (if its on weekend). 

The crabs, it was either masak lemak cili api or goreng kunyit; I loveee both. He often cracked off the crabs’ shell first before alternately gave to his monster daughters. I still remember I would be happy when I heard the loud sound of dad washing the cockles at the sink. I definitely knew it would be a good lunch. Kerang rebus or sambal kerang? – he sometimes asked us to decide.

But among all, I am terribly craving for his hot asam pedas ikan kembung. I always demand for it when I’m home and he will put in a lot of fishes just because he knows his second daughter loves fish so much that she can finish up almost 20 small – medium mackeral at a time. I kid you not, excuse my monster side in me haha. The asam pedas, it tastes even more heavenly when its hot and I always soaked my rice with it in a bowl and put in some sambal belacan. Ah it makes my mouth watering writing this. During my diet times (lol) I replaced the rice with oats and it tasted equally wonderful. Asam pedas is a healthy Malay (Kedah) food I dare to say because it has no / less oil! 
I’m imagining my mom’s kacang panjang masak lemak cili api too! It can be considered as one of her signature dishes. I wouldn’t trade this royal dish for anything else in the world! The spiciness of the masak lemak, the flavours..ah she cook the best masak lemak, no doubt! When it pairs with the hot steaming rice, fried mackeral, and some fresh ulam- I am at loss for words to describe how crazily tasty it is. Mom also cooks the best laksa (the gravy is soo thick and flavorful), and not to forget nasi ayam & daging Kedah. You know, that kind of nasi ayam & daging yang dalam nasi, ada daging siap-siap. The meat inside would be so tender and juicy, and the rice is so full of flavour & delicious that we can eat it alone. We eat the nasi with air asam with lots of tomatoes in it (oh and also kerisik!) and you will keep eating till you jaws drop! I think I will have to learn the recipe to feed my husband later! I just hope the taste would stay amazing if I cook. Well, I can’t promise lol. 

Had I ever tell you about my mom’s ayam masak hijau and curry (all sorts)? When people tasted the ayam masak hijau (esp during Eid) they will go “Give me the recipeee!” and some of them even ordered it during their special events. We love the dish so much that she never missed to cook it during Eid. And that, my friend, how we gained weight on Eid 😅. The curry- you name it- chicken or beef she mastered all. I am not really a curry-person but when she cooks it, I am the biggest fan. This curry thing, I will learn before I get married because I guess, he loves curry?

I’m so hungry now writing all theseeee good food. Craving terribly! 😓😓 I need to end this and come back to my sense that actually I am a few hundreds km away from home. 

I love you mom and dad. I’m the luckiest daughter ❤


Port Dickson for the nth time

So, the story began when mom and dad came here for a short vacay. We were in 4 since adik went for her netball competition (she was in an extreme jealousy :P). Despite the super hot weather, we insisted to go to Port Dickson, booked an apartment online and had a good stay for one night. Since all the hotel and apartment which face the sea were all sold out, having this kind of view (pic below) from our balcony is great enough!

Great short escape, had a great talk and laugh.

..and great foods.

Spaghetti with black paper & garlic broth

So simple, and satisfying ♡♡

I love this kind of simple food. Such a minimalistic! It is just water, onion, garlic (I love garlic!), sprinkle of salts, a tablespoon of oyster sauce, cabbage and broccoli – and yes, spaghetti or angel hair of course. 

*Long weekend has come to the end. Will get back in work starting tomorrow, sure it would be a tough week since I just have 4 days to meet my monthly target. This coming May onwards, things will be a little bit different, in some aspects. I will have to brace myself, keep calm and just go with the flow. All will be fine.

Just follow the flow, just follow the flow…Promise.

Whole wheat fusili

It just came to my mind to buy this whole wheat pasta (this week is fusili) and make it as a star for my lunch box. What’s the difference between the normal (white) & whole wheat pasta? Well, the whole scientific explanation you can always google that but in short, it lies on their processing method which make them hold different nutritional benefits. It’s just the same concept with the white & brown rice. While some people complaining the flavorless of the whole wheat foods, strangely I found them quite unique and acceptable on my taste bud ; not too say very delicious, it would sound hypocrite but yes, I can eat them for a long term period.

So, until I get bored – this is it – Garlic Fusili with potatoes & broccoli. I swear this is a damn easy recipe. You just need:

  1. Garlic (2-3 cloves)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Salt & black paper
  4. Anything you wanna add (chicken, veggies, prawn, egg, just to name a few)

It is a low calorie meal & the taste is sooo good. You gotta try it!

Padang, Indonesia

So, we went to Padang, Indonesia. A humble, greeny, and beautiful place; it is a place where you can run away from a hectic and dusty city.

Right after touched down at Padang Airport (having Minangkabau roof as its proud signature!), we headed to Bukit Tinggi.

Temperature at Bukit Tinggi was just nice, nothing was too extreme. Jackie, our friendly tourist guide showered us with tonnes of history and origin of Minangkabau which I love soooo much. I mean, what’s the point of traveling without knowing their culture, history and whatnot?

The rest of this post, I will just let the pictures do the talk!

The airport. Welcome to Minang territory! Majority of them are Muslim, like 98%!

So beautiful SubhanAllah. It is just Lembah Anai, can’t imagine how Niagara Falls looks alike!

In front of Lake Maninjau. The lake was resulted from volcanic eruption. The view is..just breathtaking.

More view of Lake Maninjau. Behind the hills is Indian Ocean!

It had never crossed my mind to stand in front of the Indian Ocean, the 3rd largest world’s ocean. So wavy and yes beautiful especially during sunset like this.

More view of Indian Ocean

Although I look fat (let’s laugh together!), I heart this picture! So, behind me is Istano Basa Pagaruyung. You can experience and understand the Minang’s way of life. Full of metaphors, and meanings.

Istano Basa Pagaruyung

One of the millions green view captured. Views like this that made you resist yourself from sleeping even though the roads made you feel like vomiting.

Pisang Sale (Pisang Salai)is most probably my forever favorite. The caramel, the taste of banana..especially when it is still hot..ah I can’t even describe.

Oh yeahh Teh Botol is the bomb!

At Jembatan Siti Nurbaya. A kind of fishermen village down there. The view is close to Rome. Exaggerating, but it is unique in its own way. Ah, I’ve always love anything related to aquatic ecosystem!

Let’s grow old together!

Girls’ power. Ahaks

Oh yeah, all photo credits goes to one and only Denah. I mean her iphone. Err.

Okay till we meet again Padang!

Cous cous, just how exactly it tastes like?

I’ve never failed in inventing my own food. But today! I failed. haha.

I’ve always wanted to try cous cous and quinoa before given their nutritional value is better than white rice. So, I bought a packet (expensive!) organic cous cous at Mid Valley last 2 days with the hope of I wanna try to eat it for a week. They said it is a super-food that can make your stomach flat *don’t judge me*.

Today, when I came back from work, I tried to cook it and the result is..terrible. It has a nice look, but the taste..I can’t accept it on my taste buds. Is it because of my recipe or cous cous is just not my thing? I guess I need to do a lot more revision how to make a good & tasty cous cous.

With my hungry stomach, I grabbed my laptop and ordered McDelivery.

Looks nice, huh? RIP