Not upset

Hot day outside, and it gets hotter inside my apartment due to the unnecessary & immature cold war between le housemates. The best part of it is that, I am involved too.

My closest housemate stopped talking to me, avoided eye contact whenever we met and I am at a lost for words. I am at the stage of not wanting to mend what’s broken anymore. Not that I’d never tried, but you know..

So, I gotta let things be because hey, no one got so much time for such stuffs. I don’t really mind actually because to be honest, I had never get too attached with friends.

So, feel free to detach from me, friend.

Morning rain & memories

I love the rain. I love the smell of the wet streets. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting the roof. I love the moisture in the air. I love the grayness of the sky. Some people might say that the definition of a bad weather is rainy weather, but I don’t think so. I think it’s so beautiful when it rains. You see a different side of people. You see a different side of the world. 

..especially morning rain.




Actually, I have 4 blogs. Yeah, you read it right. Freaking 4!

One is this default blog. One is under anonymous account (but still for public) for some personal reason. 

One is a Blogspot, totally owned by me, writing stuffs mainly about my part time job. The 4th blog is actually a local publisher’s blog, I am just one of the writers. 

But guess what? I often run out of time to keep blogging. But anyway I’ll try to keep them alive again. 

The thing is, where does the time go? 

Keep going

Hot shower what makes me going everyday. I mean, reason to wake up, first thing first – hot shower (no longer checking my phone lol) and tornado in the kitchen started for the sake of a decent breakfast and lunch. Such a critical 30 minutes of my life,either I make it, or break it!

I actually declared this month as a non or less-spending month for some reasons. So come rain or shine, I have to slot in cooking in my daily schedule.

I got my self busy since 3 days ago, I work until I barely breath. 8 – 5, and 6 – 11 daily. I promise to work hard and forget about whatever nonsense things in the world. I need to really come to my sense. I have other things to do, too.

I am so tired but I’ll keep this one going.

Everything else is just noise.

Hi there, August!

August! I hate to say this but really, time flies. August, 2 years ago I was in the midst of pursuing my Master Degree, not knowing how incompatible I am in the higher education system. I mean, system, procedures, and most importantly scientific research – totally isn’t in me. Needless to say, I went against the flow; I quit. Sorry not sorry Mom!

Being a Master or pHD holder doesn’t determine one’s success or failure. Well, of course they determine something on your achievement but overall, in life I personally think that attitude and mentality are what matter most. Everyone has their own view on life, we have different talent, goal and personality..erm wait why I bother explaining this thing. Lemme stop here before my essay gene shows up.

But anyway, I’ve been waiting for August since 2017 kicked in. We will be travelling to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for the first time! InsyaAllah. It is one of the places I really wanna experience. That would be my 2nd time in the Land of Tempe, after Padang last year. I’m looking forward to visit other beautiful parts of Indonesia (and of course other astonishing parts around the globe too!).  Slowly but surely.

Stepping into August, so many things are left unachieved. On top of the list, it has always been ‘saving’. Hope to be wiser in financial planning. Also me: It’s pay day, let’s eyeing on the beautiful cardigans and shoes, and also eat whatever you’ve craved for since the entire time! – always the ‘other me’.

Happy August. Let’s do better.



After I snapped some mesmerizing pictures of golden sunrise with a good half of Air Asia’s flight wing in it after I touched down my homeland, my phone fell down pretty bad, and I reached home just to realised that I lost my SD Card!


With that, I’ve lost all the pictures, and some important apps like MyDays, Wunderlist, and WordPress. I don’t care about others, but man, Wunderlist! I stored all the important passwords (I’m helpless in remembering my own passwords) and a lot of important notes in there.

..including this little blog’s password.

Great izni. Great.

But after all, my 6-years-old strong phone is still alive. Thanks baby for bearing with all the mess your owner made. You’re the best! ♡♡♡

Edit (1 August 2017) – Got back my Wunderlist data. Because it is an app based on account, so when I logged in, everything is there. Yasss

Remarks of the day

I thought I should record what had happened today. 

1. I broke my beloved wireless (and pricy) headset into two. I really, really, really love the headset because it is a birthday present from me to myself. I’m such a Hulk, dammit. Ugh.

2. Office’s Syawal celebration. They combined with wrap up meeting, event meeting, birthday celebration and games. Games? I don’t want to believe it was happening but it is the fact. 

I mean we are so chasing after the shortfalls and all, but suddenly we were playing those childish games.

What’s happening?

Today started off just like every other day. Pretty normal, rushed to do my breakfast on the kitchen counter while glancing at the clock displayed on my cracked screen phone, which sometimes it crossed my mind to change this baby to a new Samsung S8, my forever crush – but that would cost me nearly 5k, which is a big, bold No No for now. I would rather use the money to travel or whatsoever, but anyway, breakfast went well. I walked out quite early remembering all of my unfinished tasks in the office. I tried to finish it last night but Fizah kept sitting beside me, observing every single movement I made on my laptop. Lol.

Then, weird things started to happen.

When I was walking, I realised I forgot my water bottle (if you know me, water bottle is like my twin, so me forgetting it, seemed..kinda unusual) . Not just that, I also forgot my charger and my wireless headphone started to beep; showing its flat battery. So, it was a silent walk, without music. Beautiful morning nonetheless.

KC, my Manager emailed me yesterday that Christine, the Marketing Manager wanted to observe me doing my work. She is in Marketing, I couldn’t fathom why she needs to know about my work, but anyway I agreed. Who am I to disagree with KC? It would be a futile argument if I protest. We agreed that she will sit beside me starting from 10 am.

It was 10 am and she didn’t show up. I went to her place and confidently asked “Christine, it’s 10 am, you are going to sit beside me, right?”, Then she looked kinda blur..and YZ in front of her seat said “Erm, I think Christine went to the Singapore office for a training today”. I looked at Christine (as in my assumption)..and realized she is not Christine! I mistook her as Christine because their figure and all are seriously alike. I know Christine, and even talked to her some time ago. Then, I replied “Ouh really? I thought she will have a session with me? How come she went to Singapore?”, then I just thanked them and walked to my desk. I was so embarrassed, why I mistook Joanna as Christine. Shame!

I sat on my chair and emailed KC about the matter. I replied with something like “YZ informed me that Christine went to Singapore, maybe we can arrange some other time when she’s back”. Confident. Sent.

It just happened that I re-read her email, and guess what; it supposed to be on this coming Friday. Not freaking today. What I was hassling about? Then I sent the email back to KC telling her that I thought it is today. Double shame.

I mean, what’s wrong with me? Things couldn’t get weirder than this!

..and this earl grey tea to calm me down. Still can’t move on.

Before lunch

An hour to go before lunch.

I am getting hungry faster these few days (pi-em-es) and by feeling hungry, I can’t focus on anything (work, obviously) and went back and forth to the pantry to find some snacks. Someone put a box of Black Earl Grey Tea and I decided to try.

Not a fan of Earl Grey Tea because well, it’s expensive and I seldom try one. But after I tried the black tea, I fell in love with the fragrance and it has a beautiful tea essence if you get what I mean.  Even without sugar (I rarely drink tea with sugar) it tastes perfectly nice! So nice that I think I will grab a box if I find it anywhere.


While waiting for lunch, I feast on biscuits while reading Quora.

In the meanwhile, I just can’t wait to see AB. Missing him since the entire time. 3 days away and why am I nervous?