4 more days to go

Woke up today full of spirit and motivation. 4 more days to go before September ends and I got no idea why time flies so fast?



The memory is still fresh, I deadly wanted a new Samsung Note 2 until I decided to use my scholarship money (I don’t care!) to buy one. I was really into writing and I intended to make full use of the phone to maximise my reading & writing hobbies given it has the wonderful, multi-tasking S pen. I remembered doing research by research on “why should I buy Note 2”, and a series of keen reading on the specification of the phone.

Finally, on a fine morning in Sarawak, the phone was mine. I remembered how it felt holding the large screen phone, everything is up to my expectations, satisfied. Really am!

What I love about that little guy was that, it really had a strong immunity. In whatever situations, it would come back alive and continue to be amazing as always. No hanging problem, everything worked so so fine and elegant, even when its screen has became whatever now.

The phone is sentimental for me. My first ever phone that I buy by myself without parents beside (talk about growing up lol) and using my own money (although it’s a scholarship, but hey I put efforts to get the scholarship okay).

You’ll be remembered baby. Thanks for your 4 years of wonderful services and experiences.

Now, you can rest 🤗


I don’t know if it’s because of my hormone, or the new BB Cream or the new facial cleanser I am using now, but my face recently is prone to zits. Ladies nightmare! It’s not that I really want to change to something new, but my skin has gotten drier, and my previous cleanser got scrub elements which is a big no for dry skin. For BB Cream, I started to use this particular brand (because my previous BB’s brand is hard to find near me, damn it) and I think it is the real culprit behind my mini breakout. Even though it has a satisfied amount of SPF, but the texture is quite concentrated, most probably it clogged my pores so yeah, the rest, they say, is history.

In the process of reducing the mini breakout (I said ‘mini’ because I had experienced much more terrible, major breakout back then in my last year of uni), I stopped using the cream immediately and reduce the usage of the facial cleanser. I think the cleanser is ok, but just maybe,. who knows?

So whatever, I bare-faced to work. The only things that I apply on are my favorite aloe vera and baby powder and off I go, every day, for these 3 days (and counting). A few catalysts of the breakout might be dehydration (ok ok I admit it, I was lazy to drink sometimes), and overeating (blame on me) and too much carbs and junk foods. I don’t know, I just feel like eating nonsense these few weeks. For the sake of my skin, I am now trying to re-hydrate my body system, and of course watching what I am eating. No junk foods and I should stop blaming my innocent hormone. I know I should turn back to my previous BB Cream even though I am so lazy to crawl to the crowded mall, it must be age! Ugh.

That aside, here are some tips that I think would be useful for us, ladies. Breakout is the combination of various aspects, and I think the main contributor is our daily lifestyle.

Towards a healthier and more positive lifestyle! (and clearer skin!, obviously)


source: annmarie.com

Acne Map Remedies

(source from here)
Facial Region Solution
  • Go to bed early (10pm) and wake up early (6am). Even if you can’t fall asleep, it’s good to relax so your liver can rest and be ready for work the next day
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins
  • Drink less soda and carbonated beverages
  • 20-30 minutes of light exercise every day, especially outdoors
  • Practice relaxation techniques to worry less
  • Get enough sleep with a regular sleep schedule
  • Eat healthy foods, chewing thoroughly to improve your digestion
  • Reduce refined sugar in your diet
  • Keep a daily food diary to see if your acne is related to certain food groups (like dairy)
  • Practice better hygiene (i.e. washing bangs and hair, cleaning hats)
  • Check if shampoos, conditioners, and hair products are irritating skin
  • Eat less processed food, junk food, and fast food
  • Reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet (healthy fats from avocado and fish are okay)
  • Eat cooling foods like bitter melon, cucumbers, and gourds
  • Practice better hygiene, especially during the summer and if you wear makeup and/or sweat a lot
Between the Brows
  • Exercise, but avoid overly strenuous exercise
  • Get more sleep
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat lighter foods and foods that are less “rich” (like butter and cheese)
  • Avoid late night snacks
  • Eat less pungent foods (spices, garlic, etc)
  • Eat less meat
  • Eat less salt
  • Eat warm temperature foods (not too cold or hot)
  • Get more fresh air
  • Exercise everyday (like going for a walk)
  • Massage the area around your nose for better circulation
  • Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin B
Left Cheek
  • Maintain a normal daily routine
  • Try to keep a positive mood
  • Eat more cooling foods such as gourds, winter melons, and green beans
  • Don’t overeat, especially junk food
  • Try to decompress and relax
  • The liver is the strongest from 1-3 AM. This is when you should be sleeping
  • The liver is weakest at 1-5 PM, so schedule difficult work for the morning
  • If you have to work in the afternoon, rest your eyes for 5 minutes every hour
  • Practice proper hygiene, especially if you live in a polluted city
  • Check laundry detergent for any irritating ingredients
  • Change pillow cases frequently if you sleep on this side of your face
  • Clean cell phones with rubbing alcohol
  • Lower left cheek acne could represent poor dental health, so keep your gums and teeth healthy by flossing and brushing regularly
Right Cheek
  • Avoid fast food and junk food
  • Avoid mango, taro root, wine, and seafood or other foods you may be sensitive to
  • Eat less sugar
  • Get more fresh air
  • The lung is strongest at 7-9 AM. This is the best time for aerobic exercise
  • Practice proper hygiene, especially if you live in a polluted city
  • Check laundry detergent for any irritating ingredients
  • Change pillow cases frequently if you sleep on this side of your face
  • Clean cell phones with rubbing alcohol
  • Lower left cheek acne could represent poor dental health, so keep your gums and teeth healthy by flossing and brushing regularly
Lip Area
  • Eat more fiber
  • Include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Eat less spicy and fried foods
  • Massage abdominal area in a clockwise motion
  • Change your toothpaste and/or chapstick
Chin and Jaw
  • Reduce the habit of eating before bed
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Get more rest
  • Get your hormones checked for imbalances
  • Get 20 minutes of exercise each day
  • Sleep early and wake up early, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Reduce stress as much as possible (yoga, meditating, listening to music, writing in a journal, etc.)
  • Massage your body for relaxation, particularly the abdomen
  • Practice proper hygiene
  • Check toothpaste, mouthwash, and chapsticks
  • Drink spearmint tea
  • Take omega-3s to help regulate hormones

Hujan renyai petang

Hujan petang.

Jalan-jalan raya kelihatan agak lengang tatkala kau melangkah perlahan pulang dari kerja. Bakal menginjak dua tahun kau belajar hidup di negeri orang, dan meniti jalan-jalan yang sama saban hari – kau mulai bosan.

Dan entah dari mana, seakan ada satu suara di belakang kepala engkau, mengatakan bahawa sesungguhnya hal kebosanan yang kau rungutkan itu adalah tersangat kecil. Suara itu mengajak kau berfikir sejenak –

Masih terlalu banyak perkara yang kau belum alami, masih terlalu banyak juga tempat di atas muka bumi ini yang kau masih belum lawati. Dunia itu luas, sekadar bersusah hati dengan kesusahan kecil yang ku anggap besar itu, merupakan satu kerugian. Meletihkan.

Jadi, kau seharusnya tidak merasa sedih, kecil hati, ketinggalan atau tidak dihargai kerana hidup ini, bukanla berputar tentang hal sebegitu saja. Hidup ialah kembara; dan kembara yang paling harus kau sertai dulu ialah kembara mencari di mana celah kebahagiaan kau. Dan kau akan temuinya dalam diri kau sendiri.

Orang, atau harta benda tidak sepatutnya menjadi sumber kebahagiaan kau. Masih banyak perkara yang kau harus peduli daripada mempedulikan hal remeh yang ternyata kadang-kadang hanyalah sia-sia.

Masih banyak yang perlu kau kembara. Dunia itu luas, tidak seputar kau sahaja. Jadi, senyumlah dan berlapang dada lah.

Morning rain & memories

I love the rain. I love the smell of the wet streets. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting the roof. I love the moisture in the air. I love the grayness of the sky. Some people might say that the definition of a bad weather is rainy weather, but I don’t think so. I think it’s so beautiful when it rains. You see a different side of people. You see a different side of the world. 

..especially morning rain.



He’s back

He has finally come back.

I hope he knows how thankful I am having him around. Seeing him feels like home to me. Warm, and some kind of familiar feeling I couldn’t really put into words. I am still feeling like he’s far away at times, partly maybe because I was already get used to it since 2 months ago. I want to be always in front of his eyes, talking, laughing, and even in silence – in every way possible – I want to be with him.

Thanks for coming back. We are now in the same time zone (yes!). I don’t want to annoy you and be selfish but if possible, I wanna always, always be by your side during your good and bad times. Wanna reach you always, checking how you’re doing. But let me pretend I am cool.

I am cool. Yeah, lemme repeat it to myself.

Before lunch

An hour to go before lunch.

I am getting hungry faster these few days (pi-em-es) and by feeling hungry, I can’t focus on anything (work, obviously) and went back and forth to the pantry to find some snacks. Someone put a box of Black Earl Grey Tea and I decided to try.

Not a fan of Earl Grey Tea because well, it’s expensive and I seldom try one. But after I tried the black tea, I fell in love with the fragrance and it has a beautiful tea essence if you get what I mean.  Even without sugar (I rarely drink tea with sugar) it tastes perfectly nice! So nice that I think I will grab a box if I find it anywhere.


While waiting for lunch, I feast on biscuits while reading Quora.

In the meanwhile, I just can’t wait to see AB. Missing him since the entire time. 3 days away and why am I nervous?


Ramadhan is leaving

The King of all the Months is slowly departing us. 3 more days before Eid, I am reflecting on my Ramadhan journey. Was it good enough, did I take it for granted, or what changes has it brings / impacts me.

I stumbled upon an article from Virtual Mosque website and this one paragraph right here is too good not to share, so here it is:

We end this month with the intention to continue fasting, praying and doing good. Ramadan is a month of change that is meant to give us a spiritual cleansing that will last us the whole year. The virtues of fasting and praying do not end after we celebrate Eid; rather, Eid should be the beginning of a new chapter for us to continue doing the habits we started in Ramadan. We can continue reading the Qur’an, fasting Mondays and Thursdays, or the White Days (the 13th-15th of each lunar month), and we can pray the night prayers every night (or once a week).

We’ve tasted the sweetness of standing during the night; we’ve tasted the sweetness of raising our hands to Allah (swt) in supplication; we’ve tasted the sweetness of breaking our fast after a long day; we’ve tasted the sweetness of giving charity.

Continuing these habits after Ramadan may be difficult, but now you know that you can do it. The sacrifices we’ve made during this month to take full advantage of it have shown us that developing good habits and a strong spiritual relationship with Allah (swt) is not out of our reach. We’ve done it, so now can we continue it? One of the great past scholars, ibn Rajab (ra) says: “Be cautious of returning to enslavement after having been freed.”

So we ask Allah (swt), the One who guided us to worship Him in Ramadan, to help us continue in our worship and good deeds. Remember that Ramadan has left us but the One who created this month will never leave. He is Living and His reward is Everlasting.

This time around, suffice to say that this Ramadhan is a calm and peaceful one, for me personally (for several reasons). I learned to change some things (slowly but surely) in myself and I owed this noble month for teaching me to develop my patience.

I was (still 40% am) a big impatient person since the entire time, always do and want things in hurry like I was in an undefined war. I’m allergic to waiting. I don’t like slow things and slow people, and procedures, protocols and shit-load more things that might induce the sleeping demon inside me to wake up. I understand that we can demand all the things in this whole planet, work into it day in and day out but sometimes we forget that it is The One who decides.

Hence, it makes me think that, there is no need to hassle or claim my dissatisfaction or whatsoever because you know, what’s bound to happen will find its way, somehow. Overall, I can feel myself developing into a more matured being. Not saying a fully matured, but at least in several significant aspects. Well, to be honest I am still an immature, pre-mature 25 years old lady in many (MANY) ways but yeah, in some aspects, my maturity is improving. Maybe it’s just me having a weird delusion, but whatever, anyway.

With this full-of- lessons-month is leaving us, I hope and pray that we would never stop from learning towards betterment. I pray all the deeds we planted during Ramadhan can be a shady, fruitful tree for us in the hereafter. We make mistakes because we are human, hey obviously. But I believe there is always a room for improvement.

Be kind, be generous, don’t take people for granted, be positive and motivated, and be the best version of yourself.

This is a rather long post undeniably, thanks for those who read until the full stop. You know who you are, stay awesome.