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A quick update about our grand gathering today. Well, it supposed to be a close, and a kita-kita-je (girls) event, but it turned out to be a whole class event. So much fun seeing those smiles and laughter.

Got a box of chocolate,to make me gain weight. Haha. No, I love it. Thanks!



Someday,will miss all these more than words can say.



Sunday, and I’m still in the holiday mood. My sore throat is getting better, but it follows with flu! I can’t remember the last time I had flu or fever or any kind of discomfort health. Yesterday is a disturbing day. I couldn’t drink any liquid, felt like there was a big, bloody wound right at my uvula (I just google it up. haha!) So, nothing to complain on, I’m grateful for this. Alhamdulillah, maybe this is the way of Allah reminds me that I’m still an ordinary human being; that I should never forget to appreciate my good health before.

There will be a down time for us – anything that we might hate to admit it (failure, rejection, feeling of unappreciated, bad health, you name it) but just one thing, just remember on how long HE made us in our comfort zone. The time we feel so undisturbed – like we were living in our own cosiness bubble, which we can handle every single thing that comes up without any difficulties. Remembering that, oh – this minute tiny test from Him is actually very incomparable to the all easiness we had before.

So, we have to be more grateful. After rain comes sunshine, isn’t? So, complain less, appreciate more :]

The planned potluck is today. Maybe that is the last gathering time.Finally, I ignore the laziness that rose inside me and made up my mind to attend. It must be so fun!

For that, I have to cook the sambal for nasi lemak.The last time I made, abah criticise me greatly. Haha. Abah, how do I cook like you? ~~



world turtle day

I would never give any sentimental attention to any aquatic creatures if I passed the medical school’s interview (blame immaturity haha) three years ago, or if I accepted the offer that I claimed can fulfil my lifetime-dream. I could never touch the shell of the cute little turtle, or have any chance to send them back to the sea.

Turtle is now living in a fragile environment. Say it seaweed depletion, over-dumping rubbish into their habitat, the dumped fish net that keep haunting their generation lines, oil spills, and on and on. First time seeing their face, the first thing came into my mind was “why this guy looks so sad?”

Haha. Seriously, they look sad. Or maybe my illusions, I don’t know. But having chance to touch and caress them and teach them to walk back into their nature home is an awesome experience.

They are cute and soon will be listed under extinct list (I’m sure) if we human are still fail to control those activities that give harm to them. I want to believe that now we are working on minimising the impact of our own activities (doesn’t it sounds funny).

Conservation, awareness and so on, we are working on that now, isn’t? I hope so.

Keep strong turtle!

Its smiling! :] This adorable little guy seems to love getting his belly scrubbed - but why? Known as the plastron, the "belly" of a turtle, like the rest of their shells is made up of scutes - bony bony external plates. Scratching or rubbing helps them shed old scutes. They also have nerve ending that reach up to just under the carapace - so it's not just good for them, it feels good too!

Its smiling! :]
This adorable little guy seems to love getting his belly scrubbed – but why?
Known as the plastron, the “belly” of a turtle, like the rest of their shells is made up of scutes – bony bony external plates. Scratching or rubbing helps them shed old scutes. They also have nerve ending that reach up to just under the carapace – so it’s not just good for them, it feels good too!

Of Balai Ringin

Field trip 2 days ago was held at Balai Ringin, to be specific, it is Sungai Kerang. We have to travel along the river by boat – a shallow canoe, and the river is surrounded mostly by mangrove plants. We were reminded beforehand to keep our mouth shut from saying anything about crocodiles. Haha. And we really did.

The canoe itself was scary at the first place. We have to sit in balance and some of the river water entered the canoe. Task of scooping those water out had been a permanent duty of the boatman. Ours is Abang Rizal. He looked very young when I know he is married, with three children. So, he took us with the canoe to the head river and it was a long journey, seriously.



Villagers that we met up majority are fisherman. They live and eat everyday up to their efforts that day. When we were canoeing, we passed quite a lot of groups that harvesting fish from their nets, fishing on the river bank, swimming to adjust the net underwater, and everything seemed normal. I mean, I was thinking – don’t they afraid of crocs that may passed by? I am afraid and worry. I remembered a series of true story that I watched in River Monster by Jeremy Wade. Heh.

Our major activity is just collecting fishes from the net. I thought it was more than that, like spreading net over the river etc, but alas not. Relieved. Because if there will be a lot more activities on the river, I will be extra black than I am now. Sunburn!



The best part was barbecuing! Not exactly barbecue, not that advance – with butter, corn and those stuffs, no! haha. It was just fire and fish. Just like Bear Gryll used to do to his snakes or frogs. It was my first time eating fish with gut content. The fish wasn’t operated before being smoked. Just like that – fresh from river, lay them down using a stick, and wait until they completely cooked. To my surprised, they are delicious!



Am I eating the gut content?

Hoho. No, I’m not (we’re not). It needs some estimation skills to know where to stop eating when the gut content slowly appeared. It was my first time and nothing disappointed on my taste buds. The fishes were fresh and sweet.

There was a moment, when we were on the canoe – and nobody talks; just silent – the only sounds we heard was just belong to nature. Sound of peace. Water flowing, bird chirping, crickets sounds, and that kind of harmony descant. Just like the smell of forest during jungle trekking, or odor of grass and ground when day started to rain – those type of inspiring peace.


That was also the time when I first met my first pet, a shrimp named Bear Gryll – named so because I wish it will be tough in whatever situation. When I write this, it just passed away. It jumped out from the container, perhaps he missed his old place. I felt guilty, I should not separate him from his home, right? He must be sad 😦

So, that’s all. I rarely write reviews on field trip, just feel like write something. I know I will miss those activities when I’m no longer here studying this amazing course.

Those experiences, sweats and sweets, smiles and laughs – will be nicely framed in some place in my heart. All these is getting near to the end, right? Hmm.

imageAmong all, I favour this. This pic.

Quite a lot of heart that melted and poured in this field.

New semester!


Third day of this new semester. A very important and exciting semester – it should be.

So, how was your first day? Mine is nothing abnormal. Everything was set back to its place, Alhamdulillah. Started again my study life, but hopefully with some differences. I did set some targets and goals, and some time tables. All I need is discipline. Hah. Exactly!

Guess what? I took Mandarin class!

Another wild decision I made after taking Japanese Language last semester. The same doubt arose – Can I handle this? Could it be harder than Japanese? What is the worst thing can happen? Bla bla bla of pointless thoughts and speculations. Haha. But seriously, it seems scary compared to Japanese. Will try my very best InsyaAllah.

First day of Mandarin class, I felt like a tourist that walked through a timeline museum of China’s history. From Dynasty of Zhou to this present times, their unique and beautiful attires that I adored since I was a kid, their early history, wars, legends and all that; apart of thousands of yawn, I really enjoyed the story. Huge fan of Chinese dramas’ I am! Most of the films that took place at the Forbidden Palace were set back regarded to Han Dynasty, the most successful Dynasty. I can talk about the dramas the whole day, my childhood times was full with that :]

Attending Aquaculture class. Being in this class, I create my own virtual-thought-dream-bubble-mind. Prof Lee said that Aquaculture is a bright field. Everyone can culture whatever they want (but surely with adequate knowledge). It would be a really good business. Honestly, the thought of doing aquaculture was appeared since I took Invertebrate class, last year. Prof Shab keep mentioning and encouraging us to do aquaculture during the class.

Could it be that I’m the next aquaculturist?

Haha. Let see.

Oh btw, Saif Adam’s music is worth listening to. I just know his name, and happened to hear his voice. Maybe I’m a bit late knowing him, but his voice is beautiful.Try listen to “After Hardship Comes Ease”. Message beyond the song is lovely and motivating. I’m addicted.

cause ALLAH is there - Saif Adam

cause ALLAH is there ! – Saif Adam

Semester Review


Hari ni hari check result final exam dan tak dapat dinafikan yang aku target rendah sikit semester ni. Sebab semester ni aku ambik subject yang memang out of the box minda aku. Konon nak cabar minda, dan medulla oblongata la sangat. Tapi, ok lah, memang aku niat nak try ambik sesuatu yang aku tak pernah belajar. Tu kan peluang? Apa guna aku masuk uni tapi tak rebut peluang depan mata?


Subject yang aku maksudkan ialah Finance. Seumur hidup aku tak pernah sentuh bab-bab finance, perakaunan bagai. Tapi, alhamdulillah, result yang tertera pun not bad. Actually, better daripada apa yang aku target. Berhempas pulas aku dengan diyanah perah otak dan baling dadu dalam exam hall hari tu.Allah memang Maha Pemurah dan DIA akan bagi kalau kita berdoa.

InsyaAllah, ilmu kewangan (finance) itu akan berguna dalam hidup aku.

Microbiology. Ok.Yang ni subject yang paling aku suka selepas aquatic botany dan aquatic vertebrate. Takdak kata-kata yang aku boleh cipta untuk gambarkan betapa awesome nya subject ni. Minute things yet very important microorganism in our life. Yang tu hal yang aku suka. Memandangkan sistem pendidikan disini ialah sistem peperiksaan, yang nak ingat nama saintific bakteria,etc tu yang buat aku tak tentu arah. Haish. Puas aku cipta cerpen, akronim untuk ingat nama depa, last-last lupa jugak. Besalah tu,manusia. Tapi apa hal saintis dulu-dulu boh nama belit-belit? Tak paham aku =.=

dan Alhamdulillah juga, walaupun tak dapat  A tapi memuaskan juga. Padanlah dengan usaha yang kita buat,kan?

Menyelam dalam matapelajaran yang begitu dekat dengan hati aku iaitu Aquatic vertebrate, Aquatic botany dan Mangrove and Estuary Ecosystem, harus aku akui yang aku betul-betul enjoy those subjects. Grade? Tak berapa kisah sangat.Yang penting ilmu yang aku dapat. Memang membuka mata aku tentang kekuasaan Allah dan Kebesaran-NYA. Pensyarah pun super boom boom.Daebak! InsyaAllah. Semoga ilmu yang aku pelajari tak hilang dan akan berguna dalam hidup aku atas muka bumi ni.

Biochemistry. Takmau discuss panjang sebab I prefer biology more than chemistry -.- Tapi, alhamdulillah juga, at least I tried my very best.

For me, Ilmu bukan pada pointer is always releven dan memang  sangat betul. Tapi, tulah, pointer pun a big role juga since dunia sekarang ukur based on that first,right?


love being an aquatic student 🙂