Fate is like sandstorm

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn’t something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn’t get in, and walk through it, step by step. There’s no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That’s the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine.

And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You’ll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others.

And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

-From my all-time favorite author Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore).

By just believing..

I’ve been saving this draft for quite some times. Life has been quite good, or is it just me being over-confident that everything is good? Anyway, I believe everything is good – will be good ; that everything harsh will settle down, every bad things will slowly find its exit way. That aside, as the title denoted, I just feel like writing something about belief . About when you strongly believe that something is not that impossible, somehow they will turn out possible!

Now, believe in me. Do strongly believe in everything that you disbelieved. Thanks to this small book named “The Magic of Thinking Big”, I’m not that kind of person who usually invest my time reading motivation book! Tell you the truth, Izni is a kind of person who shitly say “whatever” after reading one-or-two-pages of a typical motivation book. But this book – it’s an exceptional. How to put it, urm its like when you hate eating ice cream (me not!) but when a special someone hands you an ice cream, the feeling..is somehow different. Ok, what’s the point of the comparison?!

Anyway, here goes the true content.

This book, is a must-read book for everybody. The way David puts the word together – I’m on fire. I have no idea how by just believing that “you can do it” can be that powerful. Even if you think you have no capability of achieving certain things, when you started to plant a strong belief in yourself, everything will turn out smoothly. You’ll be surprised when you look back someday, that things you thought was impossible, is now achievable.

How it affects me? 2 weeks ago, in my working place, I basically gave up on my self. You know, work loads. I have that evil thought in my mind that “I can’t do it. It is impossible. I don’t know how to do this. I’m done.” But then, I remembered that I read this book. Why not implementing those rumors that by believing you can, you actually can. Ahaks. That cheesy quote, I said. Let’s try.

I tried.

Things get better, to my surprise. I don’t know how to describe it, but really, things starting to get better. I achieved that particular thing that I once thought impossible! No kidding, you better believe in your self now. Like really, please believe you’re capable of anything. Be confident. Do not let anything breaks you. You got a dream, you gotta protect it.  Copy that?

One of the thousand bombs that sticks onto my mind is that –

Think success, don’t think failure. At work, in your home, substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation, think, “I’ll win”, not “I’ll probably lose”.

When you compete with someone else, think, I’m equal to the best,” not “I’m outclassed.”.

When opportunity appears, really think “I can do it”, never “I can’t”.

Let the master thought “I will succeed” dominate your mind to create plans that produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite. Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure.

It does sounds like an easy peasy command when one said Believe in yourself! – but when you really practice it, you will know.

Enough of that long rant. I will definitely write something about the book again, InsyaAllah. Next time, let consider uploading the book’s cover, I’m just too lazy to snap anything now.

Anyway, thanks for those who read! Drop me some comment or better yet a marriage proposal. I will consider it. Okbye.

Tuesdays with Morrie #1


“Mitch”, he said,

“We are so wrapped up with egotistical things, career, family, having enough money, meeting the mortgage, getting a new car,fixing the radiator when it breaks – we are involved in trillions of little acts just to keep going. So we don’t get into the habit of standing back and looking at our lives and saying, Is this all? Is this all I want? Is something missing?”

The Alchemy of Forever


Bought this book way back on March 2013 and finally today I managed to read till the last page. Haha. I don’t know why it took this long for me to read this awesome book, I should read it earlier before! It is too good to be left alone on the book rack.

Okay, this book is about incarnation and immortality – About how love between Cyrus and Seraphina made them alive, young and beautiful. Seraphina lived about six hundred years on earth, stealing different bodies to keep her alive. Until one day, she was tired of killing her hosts and feeling enough of living – she tried to run from Cyrus.

There was when she met Noah.

And things happened  after that were so fascinating, heart-thumping and I was stunned on how well Avery Williams wrote this piece.

Immortality is a science fiction. I believed in another way of immortality. Every one of us shall taste death. Everyone that you love and heart the most – everything – someday you will lose them, physically, literally. How immortal your love is maybe by how you valued your feelings after all what has happened. I should stop now before this rambling prolongs 😀

You should read this book though! Highly recommended. Out of 5, I rated this book as a 4.5!

*it has sequel. I don’t know when on earth I would get the chance to read the sequel.

Official Promo : Do-It

Okay, finally, here it is. An official promo about the book entitled “Do-It”. Tak tahu nak promote macam mana to be frank, all I can say maybe – cubalah beli sebuah. Takkan menyesal InsyaALLAH. Heh.

Do-It ialah antologi cerpen yang ditulis oleh penulis baru dan lama Skuad Terfaktab. Consisted about 13 stories which are all about DUIT, about how human managed themselves on that one vital comodity.

It can be purchased online too. Visit terfaktabzine.blogspot.com

Oh, one more thing – Do not forget to read a story that I wrote! – check the below snippet :]


DUIT ATAU ALAM is a sentimental story. It was inspired by one of the short stories written by A. Samad Said in “Hati Muda Bulan Muda”. Make it more precious, it is about the controversial struggle that our nature experiences. A must-try-to-read story. And paling best, ilham datang masa tengah kuliah Aquatic. Haha. Owed the inspiration from the amazing Aquatic Science lecturers especially Prof Shabdin. Semoga Prof tidak akan lelah menginspirasi bangsa.

Btw, below are the other stories written by the other 12 writers. They’re even more talented, proud!













Pesta Buku Selangor dah tamat and no worry,  it can be found in any lucky bookstore. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll found it :p

So, Enjoy reading!

a gift

Today is magical. Totally miracle. I am almost burst into tears and felt like screaming out loud to the world. Before I went out settling my phone bill, I read a book review. A book that was written by a figure that I admired. Newly admired, to be exact. He wrote everything from his pure heart, all his experiences, dreams, journeys, joys and tears, motivations and every single word are meaningful – I seldom felt this kind of strong connection and emotion while reading a book. This book is special, maybe because part of his stories are just the same like mine.

So, I went out. After everything was settled, I wandered around the bookstore and tried to find the book from shelf to shelf even I knew that the possibility to find the book is very low because the bookstore is so small, and the book that I looking for is so on top of the bestseller-list. I don’t know why but I keep on searching. Almost four to five shelves I passed by, no, the book wasn’t there.

Okay, this is the last shelf, I told my self. If I still can’t see the book, I will walk out. I will get the book one find day, I will put the book on my want-to-read book list and look for it later.

And pap! My eyes stopped on the quarter-half of the rack and focused on one of the book spines. Exactly the same tittle, the same author, cover and colour and it just left one copy. Only one copy! Beautifully wrapped with clear plastic, as if it was really for me. It was so precious to let the book stay still on its place. I afraid if I would never find the book again. So, I grabbed it quickly, my heart raced like crazy and I’m in half-frozen state. Lucky me, and I felt so much special.

Usually, the books that I deadly want – are so hard to find on the rack. I know, miracle did exist and as long as you keep on searching, you will find it someday. Today is just my day, and it was magical. I have a strong fate with the book right? hehe, now I feel weird. Why I wrote my journey of buying a book this long and full of reflection?