It’s a hot holiday

I do not have any idea how much is sea level rising by now because it is too hot outside. World is getting terribly hot and dry day by day. Since today is my off day, I’ve got some things to settle which required me to drive to the middle of the town. With all the courage, I had to bear the killing, dazzling hot sun, and I was sweating like I was under a shower! I could pass out from the heat.

So, I rushed back home after everything was settled. Got a message from Nisah, confirming about our videography appointment. This time, she asked my help for making a video for her business. I’m not really pro about making a good video, hope I wouldn’t disappoint her. She told me she will give me a free shawl, appreciating my ‘behind the scene’ involvement. haha. She really take this too seriously, I had never expect any gift from her. But well, it is good to get some free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff?). At least, I can add it to my shawl collections 😀

I hope the sun could ‘cool down’ just a little bit, giving a way for us to record the video and whatnot. It would be an interesting evening if the weather are nice and windy, and we could also have a short sharing and discussion about the businesses.

I was thinking about having an instagram account for fitness purposes. Actually, a lot of things are going on in my mind about the idea of fitness. One of them is getting a certificate of professional wellness coach (or nutritionist/ dietitian) in the future; so that I can carry out some activities or maybe managing a small fitness centre? or healthy food bistro? hmm. Interesting huh? Thinking about it alone makes me feel high. That’s all I wanna do in my life. Helping peoples to motivate themselves towards a better living.

mini reunion

It was a great mini reunion for us. I seldom love reunion, but this time, it’s different. It is Fiqah and Denah, my favourite kids! haha. I can see their excited faces too, I think we’ve missed each other so much, no? 😛 Nisah has started her instant shawl business and asked for my help to photoshoot her as model. haha it’s funny how I suddenly became a photographer that asked her to do this and that, this angle, those lighting etc. I was just trying my best. Good for her to start the business. She even gave me a baby tomato tree (which I’m not sure how to take a good care of it haha). Thanks anyway, it would be my first time handling plant.

When mom knew they pursue their master studies, she keep asking me to do the same. I know it is easy for me to do master degree at the place, all I need to do is just contact with a particular supervisor and if it’s accepted, then that’s it. I know it is easy but the thing is..I don’t feel like to do master for now.

or should I? I don’t know what I want now. Seemed like I don’t want anything. Is this a waste of time? I mean, this period – of uncertainty is it a waste of time? Am I a plain fool?

urgh. I wonder why I grew up this fast. I wanna be a kid, who doesn’t have any idea about this confusing world except her playground, and sleep time.

– –

anyway, thanks for the chocolate and cheese cakes! (sumpah sedap). Thanks for the tomato tree (let see how long its life span :D) thanks for the great times :]

good good mates


at our photoshoot ground. Nyamuk is everywhere >.<


not bad kann my photoshoot skill. haha. (muntah) Hope your business grows well 😀



My jaw dropped when I failed in multiple attempts to log in this blog account. 2 weeks plus without any entry update, felt like I’d never own one. haha. And finally, somehow I typed something that was popped in my memory (that maybe,maybe it could be the password) and yeah! Here I am. (I don’t know what the password I typed, glad that I ticked the ‘remember me’ box so that I wouldn’t have to type the password again).

Oldness proven? Hell yes. Some of my memories (password especially) seemed to be destroyed earlier than it supposes to! What is going on? Or blame not aging process, maybe it has something to do with my neuron,somewhere at the frontal lobe.heh

Okay. Enough of that.

It has been one month and seventeen days since I graduated and still unemployed. Been through a lot of job applications, some rejections, some halfway succeeds and my faith is still the same. I won’t give up that easy, I know some people get hired after one to two years of graduating. So, no problem. As long as we keep on trying and hoping, someday a good news may hit you.

Rather than finding a part-time job, I started up some small businesses. Shawls is the main one followed by food and beverages. Car-boot sale! I just love this idea, really! It is fun to meet random people, talking to the customers, and I’m now understand this saying – “when you love the job, you didn’t feel tired – you enjoyed doing it”.

Oh, we sisters yang punya plan since all of us are now home and all the minds think alike. Business! We dreamed of food truck one fine day, and I can’t stop thinking about it every time before I fall asleep. From the food truck concept, the possible name, the menus, and the dream goes on. I was once googled up for any food truck/mobile kitchen that’s availabe for sale, and guess what? it is about eighteen thousands ringgit! Then, I stopped googling and muhasabah kejap. Haha.

I think, it must be interesting to record the journey of us. All these plans and activities make our bond stronger,and yeah it is much more easier (and fun too!) to work with our own siblings and family.

the shawls, running online. @closetbyher
the weirdest things I ever tried haha. fun!
one of the menus. Popia!


There are peoples that hardly close their eyes tonight, while I am struggling, keep my eyes stay wide open, typing every single words and editing the sentences. My eyes are so heavy and my throat are coarse, dry.

I am so sleepy right now but I have to end this somehow.

Began this journey around 12 am, after everyone dismissed from my room, after everything just back into normal. I must admit, that being a multi-tasking person is a damn tiring. After being shocked by sudden illness of my housemate, I rent a car hoping to bring her to a nearby clinic, but then she cancelled. So, my other housemate and I went out, craving for tomyam. Hehe

Bad day! The car stopped out of the blue.

It stopped aside of the busy road and we just confused what to do. After tried some various tips and techniques, it still in its place, not move. Dream of having tomyam as our lunch seemed to be blowed away slowly. After the owner of the car arrived and flowed in a-RM5-petrol, the car alive, again! I thought, and still thinking, that there was no way that the car stopped just because of the petrol since we just pump in quite a lot of petrol. It just Kancil! There’s no other thing but the battery. The battery was low..the car needs service!

So, yes..the car alive after quite an hour stranded, and I drove to Summer, bought some colourful pens, replacing my missing pens. Oh, izni. You are familiar with LOSS. Dont lose anything,again! heh. But, the new pens will never replace my missing pens, they are given by my mom 😥

So, I bought a cheap one. For sure. Heh.

After settled on stationary and some walking at the Summer Mall, well, nothing was interesting. Surau is not build YET, there was a big sale in conjunction of Christmas and a noisy concert.

So, tomyam for lunch now turned to tomyam for dinner. haha. At least, we can eat tomyam. Alhamdulillah. Arrived campus about Isya’ and straight away handled my printing services.

Doing printing services ; I considered it as a profitable business. In a single day, I can earned around RM 30 or more, more than enough to buy another printer’s ink. It is a busy business, and the bright side is that, I become more friendly to strangers. The strangers at the very first place suddenly become my new friends, a regular customer. Well, not too bad. I’m learning to step out from my anti-social behavior. Yeahh, I am an anti-social person, which now I guess had reduced a little bit.

Finished all the printings, I entertained my printing services’ customer as they want to know about Herbalife. So, I made body analysis composition on them using my beloved digital weight scale, and explained with all my heart. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, with less than one hour she bought a Herbalife’s water bottle.

Haha. The funniest things ever. I explained about the products and what human body needs (I am a part time nutritionist too), and she ended up buying the bottle. She said that she want to drink water sufficiently start tomorrow. I wish her all the best then.

I love what I’m doing. I love doing business,and be a multi-tasking person. The joy felt somewhat the same when I am writing.

So, here I am, 4.45 am ; struggling finishing the progress report, and some unfinished reflective writings on my previous field trip. All have to be submitted tomorow. I am not dreaming to sleep tonight, because tomorrow, another important event I had to attend early. JPA seminar!

Its raining, peoples are sleeping and dreaming.

and I am sitting and keep typing and thinking.

oh night, glad to have you.

So, till then. Must resume my works. Pray for me!

*oh by the way, the border recovered*

a way