the dream

Had a dream. The most beautiful dream I ever had as long as I can remember. That feeling when you wish to continue living inside your dream, without accepting the fact that actually you’re dreaming.

It was just a dream.

Finally I woke up, it is reality again that I have to face on; no matter how much I wished to stay in the dream.



Dream house


I cant help my self but to describe about my dream  house since tonight I went to Summer Mall and happened to find a mini book fair and know what? They are RM 8 only! How amazing is that? The books are in good condition and I always love if someone give me a book rack that full of books or a room that loaded with books! or just give me a mountain of books.

So, it is about my dream house.

It must be a three-storey house (or maybe four), and must has :

– a swimming pool , so that I can make swimming class for muslimah only.

– a large aquarium at one of my wall’s house, so that I can relax by seeing those beautiful creatures swimming by.

– a mini gym,so that I can work out without worrying to go to jog park,etc.

– a prayer room made up by bamboo’s floor, with mini waterfall inside the room, so that the sound of the water can be a therapy for those inside the room. I heard that sound of water can relax one’s mind and increase the concentration.

– a large room for library purpose, with high book rack with stair, just like one in Secret Garden movie. The rack is labelled with their subject or author. It should has a comfort zone like sofas and a corner to assemble my kids, motivating them to read. It should has perfumes with certain purposes, like lavender odour for memorising and etc.  Not to forget, the collections of soothing melody by Yiruma and Kenny G.

So, is’t that obvious on how much I want my library in my future house. Haha. So, till then. Night has been so dark and I should be sleep by now 😉

is that so?


Finished watching Magic Beyond Words : J.K Rowling Story and there is one line that really beat me up.

Christopher, Joanne’s agent : You have to change your name

Joanne : Why?

Christopher, Joanne’s agent : Because young boys might not want to read a book written by woman.

So, that was it. Finally, J.K Rowling came up. She used the name to write the story of Harry Potter. It is said that in every 30 seconds, someone read Harry Potter book somewhere. It was an awesome thing that a single mother can do and it was all started from an eager and  dream.

The conversation between Christopher and Joanne keep wandering in my mind. Is that so? Or, it is nothing more than a dramatic dialogue?